Best Nanny Payroll Services of 2024

Nanny employers who own a business or a farm operated for profit can choose to include their nanny’s payroll in their 941 or 943 tax returns. The ‘nanny taxes’ are exactly the same employment taxes paid for other employees and do not require special calculation. Or, if you'd rather run payroll yourself, DIY software can calculate household employment taxes and set up direct deposit, then leave the actual payroll tax filing to you. The options we review below run the full range, from completely DIY nanny payroll to fully featured, totally automated software. HomeWork Solutions’ full-service plan includes a dedicated account representative, comprehensive household employee tax filing, tax document storage, and employee pay stub access. But at $220 a quarter (if you pay your nanny biweekly) or $245 a quarter (if you pay them weekly), HomeWork Solutions is on the pricier end of the nanny payroll spectrum.

  1. As a domestic employer, you have responsibilities, which include paying payroll taxes and providing certain benefits.
  2. QuickBooks Payroll is the only payroll service on this list that offers live support.
  3. Similar to Paychex, it can connect you with insurance partners to assist with workers’ compensation requirements.
  4. Some household employers are confused as to the actual differences between these platforms.

We also looked for providers that offer workers’ compensation and other employee benefits options, as well as access to experts who can advise users on compliance issues. Paychex makes it easy to run payroll with just two clicks from your desktop or mobile device. You can pay your employees via direct deposit or live check, and Paychex even offers check-signing services. Paychex also supports multiple pay schedules, which is not always the case with other providers like HomeWork Solutions and HomePay. SurePayroll is our top pick because it provides affordable payroll services, a mobile app, and you can pay your nanny with just a few clicks.

For instance, you can print checks and pay stubs, store and organize crucial tax documents, and print out pre-filled end-of-year tax forms. It also means you need to withhold a certain amount of your nanny’s wages for things like Medicaid, unemployment taxes, and Social Security. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will expect these withholdings from you along with your personal taxes every year. Depending on your state, there may be additional income taxes to collect. If so, they most likely should command a higher hourly rate than a candidate with no medical training. The added peace of mind knowing your nanny can provide a basic level of support for your child if something goes wrong is generally worth paying extra for.

Savvy Nanny offers 6 days a week customer support by phone, email, and chat to answer any questions or concerns you have about the payroll and tax filing process. Meanwhile, a Savvy Nanny Payroll Services review on BBB highlighted the provider’s non-remittance of state payroll taxes. It’s about a complaint that Savvy Nanny Payroll refuted, explaining that the client did not provide the required state account number despite the constant system reminders that appeared during pay runs. Other unfavorable Savvy Nanny Payroll reviews are about its website glitches, unclear plan cancellation process, and the support team’s slow or delayed responses.

With the right nanny payroll service, your household hiring decision really can make life easier. You can certainly pay your nanny and calculate end-of-year taxes for both of you on your own, but unless you’re an accountant, doing this correctly is likely to be pretty challenging. In order to make paying your nanny’s wages and taxes easier, many companies offer a payroll service designed to simplify the process. This may be software that you download or access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or a service remotely provided to you by the company’s employees. Nanny payroll services can range in price, depending on the features that you need. Some nanny payroll services have a flat monthly fee while others charge per employee.

Can an employer pay the nanny on the payroll of their own business?

Throughout her career, Kara has collaborated with and advised many small businesses in diverse marketing roles. Such experiences offer her a distinct viewpoint on how appropriate technology and services can drive growth for entrepreneurs. Kara’s writing has appeared on,, and We'll send you a $100 gift card for every referral after they run their first payroll with SurePayroll.

Paychex Features

Whether you’re hiring a nanny, a caregiver, a gardener or another household employee falling under the “nanny tax” law, NannyChex can help with payroll and taxes for any household. It offers two plans, one for just taxes and another for full service where it’ll process payroll and taxes. For full service, pay $6.25 per weekly check or $12.50 per biweekly, semimonthly and monthly paychecks. For taxes only, it’s $125 per quarter for filing and $195 for year-end tax prep. HomePay by is the most expensive option on our list of best nanny payroll services.

Payroll Taxes

Below, I have evaluated and reviewed four of the best (for a household employer managing a household employee) available on the market. Pay your nanny, caregiver or other household employees in minutes with our affordable and simple online payroll and tax filing solution. FreshBooks and Gusto’s payroll services are your best option if you’re looking for a nanny payroll provider with easy software setup, friendly customer service, and affordable cost.

The average nationwide is $19.15 per hour, but learn what goes into a nanny's pay rate and how you can find accurate salaries in your area. Venmo is not compliant with the IRS rules and regulations, so it’s best to avoid using this method. It is also essential to evaluate the company’s reputation and check that its services adhere to IRS norms and regulations. Make sure you research any potential companies thoroughly and read reviews from other customers before signing up for any services. The expertise of two leading services combine to deliver a robust, responsive solution that meets the needs of families across the United States.

What happens if nanny taxes aren’t paid correctly?

Read our reviews of the year’s best personal finance budgeting tools. Finally, while ADP's software has household payroll capabilities, it isn't a nanny-first provider. Its main focus is on other small-business owners, so its features might be a little too complicated (and its interface too technical) for parents with little to no payroll experience. For instance, Paychex offers the absolute best payroll app for employers.

While you can’t create a new report directly from the system, it lets you choose any date range when running employee- and employer-related payroll reports. For more information on ADP, read our comprehensive ADP payroll software review. No, nannies cannot be considered independent contractors because the amount of control over their work hours and environment qualifies you as an employer according to the IRS. Thus, you are responsible for tax withholdings, Social Security and, in some states, workers’ compensation.

This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck with the best service available. A list of nanny payroll services wouldn’t be complete without a company that references the infamous Mary Poppins. FreshBooks has paired up with Gusto, a small business-focused payroll solution that is simple to use and easily integrated with FreshBooks. In addition to countless other services, they offer unlimited payrolls, automatic tax filing and payment, and direct deposit. Its team of reliable customer support representatives is available six days a week—Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m.

We give you a calculator to easily sum up the payments you have made for each quarter or year. You then use the tool provided by to generate the W-2 and W-3. It is a very easy process that results in a PDF you can give to the IRS and your nanny. HomePay is among the MOST EXPENSIVE solutions for household employers. Most clients like this service and state that it does plenty of useful things without charging too much. One thing that people appreciate the most about NannyChex is its customer support.

Costs are subject to change from business to business, but the flat rate for SurePayroll is about $30 per month for one employee, with a fee of another $5 per month for additional employees. We reviewed 24 payroll services and plans to help you find the seven best nanny payroll services. Our ratings consider 15 different factors such as the price range of the services, variety of features available, customer ratings on third-party review sites and a final review by our experts. These services can help you with all the nanny tax compliance, calculations and paperwork. It can also help you make sure that your nanny is being paid on time and correctly. There are very few reviews about this service provider online, and the ones we found are a mix of positive and negative comments.