Military Networking

Oversight, Awareness, Security and Fast Response

Networking Solutions
for Military Facilities

Actelis networking solutions enable secure, responsive, management across all sizes of military facilities:

  • Gigabit-grade performance for data, video and voice over hybrid
    networks of new fiber, existing copper and coax at minimized cost
  • Monitor, control and power all connected devices including
    at hard-to-reach locations and too-costly-to-reach via fiber
  • Connectivity to both IP and legacy surveillance and sensor devices
  • Highly reliable and resilient, with multi-level, automated, fail-over
  • Triple Shield Security protection against intrusion and data exfiltration

Trusted Provider of Military Networks

For more than two decades

Actelis’ MetaLight is the only U.S. government-approved solution meeting high-speed data, and Cybersecurity needs over new fiber and existing long-distance, high-speed copper.

Cutting-edge Holistic Security

Actelis implementation holistically protects both connectivity to military devices assuring security and integrity:

  • Creates trusted paths for data transmitted to/from the control center.
  • Advanced multi-channel data scrambling to prevent criminal intrusion
  • Wire-speed 256-bit MACsec data encryption
  • Advanced filtering rules for data forwarding
  • Industry’s leading management security protocols

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