Military Networking Solutions Deployed Overnight

DoD Certified Solutions for Base Modernization Extending the Reach of
Fiber-Grade Connectivity Over Existing Wiring

Actelis Hybrid-Fiber, Cyber-Hardened Networking Solutions
Are Listed On The DoDIN Approved Products List

U.S. Department of Defense Approved
Networking Solutions

U.S. Department of Defense Approved Networking Solutions

The Actelis solution is the only technology of its kind found on the DoDIN APL, giving the military a cost-effective way to rapidly implement and connect IoT devices and applications at fiber-grade, utilizing any existing wires, fiber or coax, in just hours compared to weeks or months.

JITC Certified
Networking Technology

JITC Certified
Networking Technology

What is JITC Certification? The Joint Interoperability Test Command is a wing of the US Department of Defense that tests and certifies technology products for military use. JITC performed cybersecurity testing of Actelis solutions and certified them for placement on the DoD's approved products list.

Actelis' DoDIN APL TN # is 2303901

Actelis' DoDIN APL
TN # is 2303901

Military bases have big modernization plans but fast, secure, and reliable network connectivity must be in place first to support the digital eco-system that will be implemented. Find out how Actelis helps bases accelerate their base modernization efforts.

Networking Solutions
for Military Bases

Actelis military networking solutions enable secure, responsive, management across all sizes of military facilities:

  • Gigabit-grade performance for data, video and voice over hybrid
    networks of new fiber, existing copper and coax at minimized cost
  • Monitor, control and power all connected devices including
    at hard-to-reach locations and too-costly-to-reach via fiber
  • Connectivity to both IP and legacy surveillance and sensor devices
  • Highly reliable and resilient, with multi-level, automated, fail-over
  • Triple Shield Security protection against intrusion and data exfiltration

Trusted Provider of Military Networks

For more than two decades

Actelis’ MetaLight is the only U.S. government-approved solution meeting high-speed data, and Cybersecurity needs over new fiber and existing long-distance, high-speed copper.

Cutting-edge Holistic Security

Actelis implementation holistically protects both connectivity to military devices assuring security and integrity:

  • Creates trusted paths for data transmitted to/from the control center.
  • Advanced multi-channel data scrambling to prevent criminal intrusion
  • Wire-speed 256-bit MACsec data encryption
  • Advanced filtering rules for data forwarding
  • Industry’s leading management security protocols

Accelerate Your Base Modernization Projects

Actelis provides cost-effective ways to rapidly implement and connect IoT devices and applications at fiber-grade, utilizing any existing wires, fiber or coax, in just hours compared to weeks or months.

Multi-Gig speeds over existing wiring. No waiting for fiber.

The GigaLine 800 transports multiple Gigabits of data over thousands of feet utilizing your existing twisted pair copper or it can extend the reach of fiber if it exists at the location.

10 to 100 Mbps out to buildings for Ethernet connectivity.

The MetaLIGHT 600 series are temperature hardened, managed Layer 2 switches enabling long reach Ethernet services over hybrid networks of fiber and copper. Ask us about TDM replacement!

In-Building Gigabit Connectivity. No building rewiring required.

Compact, ultra-low power, intelligent PON/Gigabit fiber extender/splitter over copper or coax. Enables instant, cost effective Gigabit connectivity throughout Multi-Tenant Buildings.

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Actelis In Action

Enabling Critical Applications

Gigabit hybrid fiber-copper networks

Military Secure Networking

Reliable Connectivity for Surveillance & Monitoring

Refresh, Transform, Modernize

Seamlessly Migration from Existing Legacy Solutions

See How We Are Modernizing Military Bases

Hybrid fiber-copper networking solution extending connectivity to 41 sites within the base, enabling data services and monitoring and control

Expansion of on-base network by connecting to new locations, further digitizing and protecting its IT infrastructure

Enabling and extending connectivity for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system monitoring and control

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