Connectivity Solutions for Traffic Management Systems

Flexible & reliable connectivity solutions for traffic management systems maximizing your existing network infrastructure.

Instant Connectivity Solutions for Intersections and Highways

Actelis networking solutions transform thousands of miles of existing city & highway infrastructures into an intelligent traffic system that:

  • Connects high performance devices over fiber, copper, or coax
  • Transports an unparalleled level of information from large numbers of IoT surveillance, video and traffic elements
  • Enables fast, intelligent decision-making & long-term planning
  • Modernizes the network at minimal implementation delay and cost

Actelis brings the expertise, experience, and world-class service supporting more than 300 city ITS network deployments.

Impact on City Life

In urban areas, highways, tunnels and bridges, Actelis solutions enable:

  • A safer city with fast reaction to incidents, contributing to Zero goals
  • A greener city by reducing traffic congestion that lessen vehicle emissions
  • Responsive traffic flow control through real-time signal adjustments, as city or highway driving conditions vary
  • Enhanced, less stressful public, commercial & personal driving experiences

Why 300+ Cities Selected Actelis For Their ITS Networks

Our innovative solutions accelerate the development of ITS, worldwide:

  • Ubiquitous high bandwidth, real-time, aggregated surveillance, network-wide over fiber or copper, and to locations beyond fiber reach
  • Cutting-edge security: wire-speed 256-bit MACsec encryption assuring data protection, integrity & a trusted path between connection points
  • Zero-Touch management with centralized control, remote configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, automated resiliency and failover
  • NEMA TS2-compliant, street-hardened products tailored to a wide variety of city streets, bridges, tunnels and highway installations

Actelis Connectivity Solutions for Traffic Management Systems

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Gigabit Connectivity over Copper or Fiber!

Cyber Hardened, Cutting Edge Encryption

Actelis Networks announces the launch of MetaLight 600DM (ML68xDx-M) – 10Gbps, high switching capacity IOT platform. The MetaLight 600DM product family of software managed switches is offering a unique capability of serving hybrid networks of fiber and copper seamlessly, with cyber-hardened software and cutting edge encryption capabilities on both fiber and copper. The Platform also offers power feeding for IoT devices,
up to 90 Watts per device.

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