Smart City

Intelligent Traffic Systems and So Much More

Intelligent Traffic Systems . . .

Smart Cities often begin by adopting Actelis market-leading Intelligent Traffic Networking Solutions featuring: 

  • High-speed smart data & high definition video communications
  • Actelis hybrid fiber-copper to cover the world’s largest urban areas
  • Unparalleled level of information for time-critical decision-making
  • Fastest deployment time and largest cost savings
  • Experience with more than 350 cities and traffic systems
  • Secure, reliable, resilient communications with built-in failover

. . . And So Much More

Actelis enables all important Smart City IoT capabilities:

  • Environmental and air quality pollution monitoring
  • City Wi-Fi backhaul and its use for safety and security applications
  • SmartGrid-connected utility meters for city buildings and homes
  • Waste management, parking and other municipal monitored devices
  • Automated remote management for big data collection and planning

Smarter, More Efficient,
Cities and Towns

  • Creates a safer, more efficient business and citizen-friendly environment
  • Attracts businesses, investment and resulting prosperity
  • Actelis enables 99% of city applications while avoiding unnecessary budget-crippling expenditure on fiber deployment beyond the city center 

Cutting-edge Holistic Security

Actelis holistically protects both connectivity to deployed devices and the security and integrity of data transmitted to and from the city control center.

  • Advanced multi-channel data scrambling to prevent criminal intrusion
  • Wire-speed 256-bit MACsec data encryption
  • Advanced filtering rules for data forwarding
  • Industry’s leading management security protocols

Actelis In Action

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Smart City – Municipal Network Solutions

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Controlled, Protected, Smart

New 10Gbps High Switching Capacity Platform

Cyber Hardened, Cutting Edge Encryption

Actelis Networks announces the launch of MetaLight 600DM (ML68xDx-M) – 10Gbps, high switching capacity IOT platform. The MetaLight 600DM product family of software managed switches is offering a unique capability of serving hybrid networks of fiber and copper seamlessly, with cyber-hardened software and cutting edge encryption capabilities on both fiber and copper. The Platform also offers power feeding for IoT devices,
up to 90 Watts per device.

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