Connectivity Everywhere

No Residential Customer Left Behind

Challenges and Opportunities

Actelis hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions multiply the value of government initiatives bringing connectivity to millions of distant locations.

  • Government Initiatives:  We get the most out of your broadband funding by extending fiber services to more locations.
  • Unserved and Underserved Communities:  Too many people do not have easy access to broadband services. We can instantly fix that problem overnight.
  • Multi-dwelling units:  We remove the barriers to getting broadband services to apartments, hotels, assisted living facilities and more.
  • Organized Cybercrime:  Home and home-workers are highly vulnerable. Our products and management system are cyber-hardened to protect attacks on your networks.

Twice the Impact

Actelis accelerates residential service rollout & revenue enhancing both

  • Individual customer service by utilizing Actelis amplifiers
  • All customers services by enhancing collective backhaul capabilities with Actelis Hybrid Fiber-copper solutions

Broadband For Multi-Dwelling Units

Tens of millions of multi-dwelling and multi-tenant buildings around the globe remain unserved or underserved when it comes to broadband connectivity for a number of reasons including:

  • Installation costs of broadband networks
  • Right of way issues
  • New construction delays and labor shortages
  • Carrier/Landlord issues
  • Challenges in powering networking equipment
  • Political and legislative influences

Actelis has the right solutions to help those without access to critical digital services.

Gigabit Services Throughout MDUs and MTUs

Rewiring a building is ultra time consuming and very expensive.

So don’t do it.

Instead, let us extend your fiber connection throughout the building over existing coax.

Leaving No-one Behind

Actelis networking solutions capitalize on the abundance of installed infrastructure to enable:

  • Instant coverage reaching 100% of customers with no one left behind
  • Great user experience with gigabit-grade performance for streaming,
    e-commerce, online video calls, gaming, and remote working
  • Responsive, secure working from home in a post-Covid world

Hybrid Fiber-Copper DSLAM Backhaul

Actelis DSLAM Backhaul Solutions give providers faster, simpler, low cost increased backhaul capacity for new and existing DSLAMs. They enable:

  •  New and smaller DSLAMs to be placed closer to customers, where distance, and installation of new fiber creates a poor business case
  • High-speed connectivity where cost and line of site issues make microwave impracticable
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical DSLAM backhaul solutions using the latest cybersecurity innovations
  • Simplified, automated remotely control and zero-touch provisioning streamline operations, performance and fault management

Two Decades of Provider Support

Actelis brings two decades of experience, expertise and world-class support to unlock hidden provider revenues and enable lasting customer relationships. 

We serve hundreds of providers and systems integrators spanning, wide area network infrastructures IIoT-enabled industrial, commercial, government and educational networks.

Actelis Authorized Strategic Telecom Sales Partners

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