Smart Rail

Transforming Rail Communications Infrastructures

Why Actelis is Selected

Actelis networking solutions alignment with Rail’s top priorities explains why Rail operators choose Actelis over other approaches:

  • System-wide connectivity, regardless of distance or geography – without lengthy installation delays and significant cost of a fiber-only footprint
  • The gigabit-class performance demanded by modern information sources enabling intelligent, responsive actions
  • Peace of mind that comes from Actelis reliability, resilience, cutting-edge encryption and multi-level network redundancy for always-on availability

Transforming Network Operations

Actelis secure hybrid fiber-copper network solutions bring control and intelligence for smooth running timetables and fastest response to events:

  • Multiple concurrent high-def video monitoring streams system-wide
  • Real-time surveillance of legacy & newly connected IoT surveillance, signal & trackside sensor devices while serving remote station apps
  • Automated control, zero-touch provisioning, streamlined operations
  • Compliance to latest standards & initiatives such as Positive Train Control,  keep your network up-to-date and your passenger experiences great!

Cutting-edge Holistic Security

Actelis’ solutions holistically protects both connectivity to trackside devices and the security & integrity of data transmitted to and from a control center.

  • Advanced multi-channel data scrambling to prevent criminal intrusion
  • Wire-speed 256-bit MACsec data encryption
  • Advanced filtering rules for data forwarding
  • Industry’s leading management security protocols

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