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Last Mile Broadband Solutions
For Multi-Tenant Units

Millions of multi-dwelling and multi-tenant units are unserved or underserved for a variety of reasons:

  • High installation costs of broadband networks
  • Right of way issues
  • New construction delays
  • Labor shortages
  • Challenges in powering network equipment
  • Politics & legislative influences
  • Economic constraints of communities

Actelis' last mile fiber extension solutions remove all barriers by delivering instant multi-gig connectivity to even the hardest to reach buildings and immediate 1G connectivity within the buildings.

New Challenges - New Opportunities

Actelis solutions solve rapidly evolving inter-related challenges all linked by the need for secure, high bandwidth connectivity:

  • The Cloud:  Migration to connected, multi-cloud & distributed workflows
  • Cybersecurity:  Protection needed from attacks on perimeter-less networks
  • Remote Work:  Business/sales/commerce online from any location
  • Government Initiatives:  Ultra-fast Internet for all with limited budget

Solutions for Business Service Providers

Actelis latest Hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions connect lucrative new high speed, secure Ethernet services to millions of businesses:

  • Perfect for connecting single and multi-tenant business locations
  • Multi-gigabit fiber in the backbone and access network
  • Unprecedented performance & immediate connection in the far reaches
  • Secure support for distributed work forces with no workers left behind
  • Extending the reach and stability, enhancing the user experience

Seamless, secure connectivity on and beyond the fiber footprint opens up massive new revenue opportunities and sets Actelis apart.

Services in the New Virtual Campus

Actelis helps create instant “virtual business campuses” for distributed work forces wherever they are located.

  • Hybrid Fiber-copper solutions enable manageable and secure separation of staff working away from company locations
  • Immediate increase in provider business service revenues outside of the controlled, business office “bubble” 
  • New Revenue from 50-800% extended service coverage leveraging providers’ existing infrastructure 

Actelis Broadband Amplifiers and hybrid fiber-copper portfolio significantly extends residential services.

Two Decades of Provider Support

Actelis brings two decades of experience, expertise and world-class support to unlock hidden provider revenues and enable lasting customer relationships. 

We serve hundreds of providers and systems integrators spanning, wide area network infrastructures IIoT-enabled industrial, commercial, government and educational networks.

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New Business Service Requirements

Just when we thought networking was handled, everything has been made complicated in key areas of our business lives:

  • The Cloud: Migration from data center to connected, multi-clouds and the advent of distributed applications, workflows across supply chains
  • Covid: Accelerating the switch from working-from-home to company-managed, distributed workforces in locations shared with others
  • Cybersecurity: The impact of organized cyber attacks in a world where there is no longer a single, defendable network perimeter
  • Everyone Connected: Government-determination to ensure is everyone has high-speed connectivity and to achieve it economically without spending trillions on fiber or 5G-only deployment