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Why We Exist

Actelis exists to make Gigabit-class performance immediately available to everyone, and everything, everywhere.

  • We make a difference: unlocking hidden, higher bandwidth capabilities over new and already available networks
  • We leverage the abundance of existing installed IoT & legacy devices with seamless migration to fiber/wireless, driven by business priorities
  • For our industry, commercial and educational customers this means secure, resilient monitoring & control of new/existing IP and IoT systems
  • For our service providers and their customers, we bring powerful connectivity for everyone to realize their potential to make a difference
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Actelis' NetScience

Actelis applies the Science of Networking (we call it NetScience) to increase intelligence, performance, security, coverage & resilience: 

  • Leverages the abundance of existing infrastructure resources with Hybrid fiber-copper to minimize installation costs and delays
  • Integrates legacy monitoring/telemetry devices with state-of-the-art encryption – both critically absent from competitive IIoT approaches

Always a Beginner's Mind

While we provide excellent fiber solutions, we don’t let any dogmatic approach stand in the way of developing great, cost-saving Hybrid networking solutions.

We are always inspired by new ideas from our customers/partners and are excited to develop new solutions to customer challenges.

No Company or Person
Left Behind

Empowering People: With a massive abundance of underused network infrastructure, we know that we’ve only scratched the surface of powerfully connecting everyone to a high-quality network. 

Empowering Industries and Businesses: We enable our customers to quickly and securely unlock the value in existing investments reducing OpEx that others would replace with huge, lengthy capital investments.

We’d love to make a difference for you and your organization.

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