Utility Systems

Secure, Responsive, Infrastructure

Modernizing, Digitizing, Transforming

Actelis’ networking solutions modernize, digitize and transform existing energy, oil, gas and water communication network infrastructures by:

  • Leveraging existing infrastructure avoiding high-cost fiber-only deployment
  • Implementing state-of-the art security and multi-level network resiliency
  • Providing fast, network-wide, monitoring/control of IP & existing IoT devices
  • Enabling seamless migration to Smart Grid, IOT sensors, surveillance

Actelis Lights the Way

Utilities are a perfect fit for Actelis’ hybrid fiber-copper solutions. PG&E needed to deploy a solution quickly to provide high-speed, reliable communications for critical business and control processes.  “Actelis’ products have continued to perform as we expected and satisfaction is high here at PG&E”.

What Sets Actelis Apart

Unique hybrid fiber-copper network solutions that :

  • Rejuvenate the existing communications infrastructure unlocking gigabit-grade copper capabilities while greatly extending network coverage.
  • Automate operations reducing risks of systemic failures and costly unplanned operational interventions
  • Distribute network intelligence and connectivity to locations unreachable via Fiber/IP

Cutting-edge Holistic Security

Critical for today, Actelis’ implementation of the most advanced encryption techniques prevents exfiltration of data or unauthorized interference with and control of devices and network assets:

  • Advanced multi-channel data scrambling to prevent criminal intrusion
  • Wire-speed 256-bit MACsec data encryption
  • Advanced filtering rules for data forwarding
  • Industry’s leading management security protocols

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