G.fast Technology

Instant Fiber Extension Solution

What is G.fast Technology?

G.fast is a state-of-the-art broadband technology which is used to extend the reach of fiber over the last few thousand feet to a building. G.fast enables Gigabit speeds over existing twisted-pair wiring and supports symmetrical & asymmetrical transmission.

Why Use G.fast technology?

Getting fiber all the way to a building is not always economical, especially in the “last mile” where many challenges arise, including permitting and right of way issues, as well as high construction costs. When designing fiber-to-the home (FTTH) networks the goal is to get fiber as far into the network as possible within reason. G.fast technology handles the distance where the fiber connection leaves off and it extends that fiber connection all the way to the building with Gigabit speeds for 1/10th of the cost of laying new fiber.

What are some typical applications for G.fast?

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and Multi-Tenant Units (MTUs) are ideal use cases for G.fast. Apartment buildings, office buildings, assisted living communities, military barracks, and other MDUs and MTUs can be immediately connected to Gigabit services with G.fast technology, generating immediate new revenues for service providers while saving on labor and engineering costs.

Actelis' G.fast Solution

The GigaLine 800 provides multi-gig broadband services over the “last mile” extending instant fiber connectivity to the building over existing twisted pairs. The GL800 is capable of bonding up to 16 copper pairs and features remote powering over copper lines. The GL800 is an ultra-secure device, featuring 256-bit MACsec encryption helping to keep your customers' data protected.

When you want to get Gigabit speeds securely and instantly without waiting for fiber to be deployed all the way to the building, look to the GigaLine 800!

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