The EFMplus™ Suite

EFMplus™ is a powerful suite of innovative technologies and algorithms developed by Actelis Networks which enhance the performance of Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) “bonded copper” solutions beyond the minimum norms established by the standards. EFMplus allow carriers and service providers to turn ordinary copper pairs into high speed, high quality Ethernet links immediately and cost effectively. Its various algorithms successfully overcomes the problems of the traditional copper plant, such as the variable quality and reliability of individual copper pairs, transients introduced by less than perfect termination, and the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) from outside the copper cable (or “binder”) and from crosstalk from other services within the binder.

EFMplus SP benefits

The EFM Design Philosophy

Actelis takes a holistic, system wide approach starting from initialization and continuing with ongoing  adaptation to changes in the noise environment during operation.  EFMplus™ performance optimization continuously takes into consideration the behavior of all the pairs  connected to an Actelis system (chassis).  By utilizing EFMplus™,  service operators can significantly extend the reach and rate that can be achieved with Ethernet First Mile over Copper to reach more customers, upgrade their bandwidth, and increase the stability and reliability of the link and the availability of the services it transports.  The result is additional revenues, lower churn and higher competitive advantage.


Advantages For Operators

EFMplus™_ enables service operators to take more bandwidth further and faster, more reliably.  Carrier Ethernet services, backhaul links to DSLAMs in remote locations, and provide small cell and WiFi backhaul over greater distances.  Moreover utilizing EFMplus TM unique capabilities carriers can lower their CapEx required per customer as well as enhance their service resiliency and network robustness to significantly minimize OpEx and shorten ROI

EFMplus suit of technologies

The EFMplusTM Suite of Technologies

EFMplus includes a suit of technologies continuously analyzing and optimizing the performance of the bonded copper link. EFMplus apply state-of-the-art algorithms, including innovative error correction coding, spread-spectrum-like scrambling methods, noise cancellation techniques, cable structure analysis, cable temperature analysis, automated deployment tools and installation problem resolution tools to maximize the link performance throughout its operation life from initialization through adaptation to best respond and adjust to changes in the link environment.