Dynamic Spectral Shaping™ (DSS) is a technique based on an advanced set of algorithms offered as part of Actelis patented EFMplus™ suite of performance optimization tools.  DSS applies advanced Power Back-Off (PBO) mechanisms combined with efficient spectrum utilization techniques, significantly reducing the spectral impact of EFM systems without sacrificing link performance.

DSS algorithms guarantee  that Actelis' repeatered and non repeatered solutions are compatible with national and regional spectral regulations, while allowing Actelis’ products to achieve maximum bit rate per modem as well as reducing potential for any impact on other services within the same binder.

Why is it important? DSS

Utilizing DSS, carriers can better manage and increase their “spectral friendliness” to safe guard revenues and maximize throughput.  “Spectral friendliness” is the ability of a copper-based broadband service to reduce its spectral interference to other services operating in the same or adjacent cable binders above and beyond spectral regulations.

Utilizing DSS, carriers can further protect the performance of existing residential/business broadband services (e.g. ADSL, ADSL2+, and VDSL2).

Actelis DSS algorithms are implemented by all Actelis ML product as well as it advanced XR239SE repeaters enabling carriers to expand bandwidth services offering  as well as to extend them with or  without repeaters further into the access network while minimizing spectral impacts.

Actelis is the ONLY vendor whose products, including repeaters have been tested and approved for compliance with ANSI T1.417 by Telcordia


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