Actelis Networks Introduces MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 Point-To-Multipoint, Ethernet Over Copper Platforms

Actelis Networks Introduces MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 Point-To-Multipoint, Ethernet Over Copper Platforms

Actelis' MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 Ethernet in the First Mile platforms enable service providers and enterprises to deliver up to 40 Mbps of Ethernet services to multiple locations from one centralized platform

FREMONT, Calif., February 9, 2004 - Actelis Networks®,a leading supplier of solutions that enable carrier-grade broadband services over copper plant, today announced the availability of its Ethernet-in-the-First-Mile MetaLIGHT® 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 Ethernet-over-Copper platforms. Building upon its award-winning MetaLIGHT family, the MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 point-to-multipoint platforms enable ubiquitous deployment of high-bandwidth Ethernet services over copper to multiple locations from one centralized platform. With the growth in demand for Ethernet connectivity stymied by a shortage of fiber to most locations, copper remains the only cost-effective solution. Actelis' MetaLIGHT platforms enable the proliferation of metro Ethernet services without incurring the prohibitive cost of fiber deployment.

The MetaLIGHT 130 point-to-multipoint Ethernet-over-Copper platform supports up to 16 copper pairs, enabling the delivery of high-quality Ethernet services to a wide range of customers. Its compact design is ideal for customers delivering Ethernet services to small serving areas, remote terminals and campus locations. With the ability to support up to 64 copper pairs, the MetaLIGHT 1300 is a high capacity point-to-multipoint platform that is ideal for central office applications. It allows service providers to deliver fiber-quality Ethernet services to an abundance of customers who are only served by copper. Both systems can deliver from 1 to 40 Mbps of high-quality Ethernet services to a customer site. The Ethernet services from each platform are groomed and handed off to the network through 100 Mbps or optical GigE interfaces.

"In the past two years, we've won multiple awards and experienced a great amount of success with our MetaLIGHT point-to-point solutions," said Yossi Saad, vice president of product marketing, Actelis Networks. "The natural evolution of the MetaLIGHT product family was to expand our product portfolio to include point-to-multipoint solutions to complement our point-to-point solutions. Actelis' leadership in the standardization activity of the Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) was instrumental in enabling us to deliver the first products that comply with EFM standards and is an example of our commitment to becoming a prime enabler of Ethernet services. Our commitment to standardization allows our customers to quickly deploy Actelis platforms knowing that they will immediately interoperate with existing CO equipment. We now have a wide product portfolio which can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively to meet any networking requirement our customers may have."

The MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 utilize standards-based extended G.SHDSL line code and are designed to comply with the emerging IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standard. This allows immediate deployment into service provider networks. Additionally, both platforms are powered with Actelis' patent-pending MetaLOOP® technology, which includes features such as cross talk cancellation (CTC), cross-talk management (CTM) and cut-line protection, among others. This technology allows Actelis MetaLIGHT platforms to provide far better rate, reach and reliability than other Ethernet-over-Copper solutions, delivering a true 10 Mbps Ethernet service over the same two pairs used to carry a single T1 (1.544 Mbps), or a 5 Mbps service on a single pair.

"In the past couple of years, Ethernet-over-Copper has been a hot topic among service providers. Delivering high-bandwidth Ethernet services using the existing copper infrastructure is a very compelling concept to them because of the relative ease and very low cost of deployment compared to fiber," said Michael Kennedy, managing partner & co-founder, Network Strategy Partners, LLC. "With the addition of the MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 point-to-multipoint platforms to an already strong product portfolio, Actelis is uniquely positioned to equip service providers with a broad range of proven products that will allow them to capitalize on the growing Ethernet-over-Copper market."

The bandwidth capabilities and high reliability of the MetaLIGHT 130 and MetaLIGHT 1300 platforms make them ideal to support a wide range of broadband applications, all from one centralized unit. A low start-up cost enables a low risk investment for the first Ethernet customers, while the platforms growth capabilities allow them to serve hundreds of customers once the service demand grows. They can deliver high-quality Ethernet services to multiple sites and support a wide array of applications including transparent LAN services, LAN interconnection, voice and video over IP. They are also well suited to backhaul bandwidth to DSLAMs/NGDLCs, WiFi and cellular base stations.

In a separate announcement today, Actelis announced the release of its MetaLIGHT 50 product family. Available in two, four or eight pair configurations, the MetaLIGHT 50 can serve as the CPE at an end user site in a point-to-multipoint configuration when used with the MetaLIGHT 130 or MetaLIGHT 1300 platform, or in point-to-point configuration. For more information about the MetaLIGHT 50, visit

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