Actelis Networks Introduces StreamLine Broadband Amplifier Enclosure

February 2020, Fremont CA - Actelis Networks, the market leader in cyber-hardened, hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications, introduces its Broadband Amplifiers StreamLine Enclosure (BBA SLE). Actelis Networks Innovative Broadband Amplifiers (BBA) are field proven, high-performance solutions that have been an essential tool for service providers and enterprises to immediately and cost effectively extend and expand the delivery of high-bandwidth, high-quality Ethernet services over DSL - VDSL2 17A, 35B and ADSL/2/2+.

Ten Thousand of Actelis BBAs have successfully deployed, offering an overall performance boost of more than 100% on the downstream rates compared with non-amplified lines. Actelis BBA continue to help Service providers to comply with CAF and RDOF government authorities SLAs funding requirements.

The Actelis BBA product line includes the SBA offering broadband amplification over VDSL2 35B lines, the VBA  offering broadband amplification over VDSL2 17A lines and the ABA offering broadband amplification over ADSL2/2+ lines.

Actelis BBA are used to extend not only residential broadband but also business Ethernet services and Ethernet transport services for Mobile/WiFi/DSLAM backhaul. The Actelis BBA can work with any vendor’s DSLAM connected to an Actelis’ ML700 EAD for high-speed link or to any other CPE/NTU. No local powering is required, the BBAs are remotely powered either from POTS, sealing current or using express powering making simplifying installation.

Actelis StreamLine Enclosure is the latest enhancement to the BBA product line. It is an extremely compact low-profile integrated unit that can easily fit into a wide range of smaller existing field enclosures/pedestals or be installed outside on a pole or a wall as it is an IP65 unit. Using the new SLE can gets users “up and-running” in under an hour and - all with the same impressive performance of the existing bigger BBA enclosures - two-and four slot with 85% less volume and 55% less weight.

SLE can be used today with the following BBA Cards - VBA 3.0/E, ABA 3.0/E and ABA 2.0ER

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