Actelis Ethernet Access Devices Successfully Used in MEF 9 Service Provider Certification

London, England, April 26, 2006 - Actelis Networks® Inc., the leader in Carrier Ethernet over Copper™ solutions, today announced that their new ML 600 Ethernet Access Device which supports both copper and fiber, has achieved MEF 9 certification after successfully completing the MEF 9 testing for all three service types (EPL, EVPL and E-LAN) with Iometrix, the independent certification agency of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Qwest Communications used Actelis equipment to be one of the first network operators and carriers to complete MEF 9 testing for service providers. Both certification announcements were made at Light Reading's Ethernet Expo in Docklands, London.

"The combination of the ML 600 and our supporting Qwest's certification is a testament of the advanced capabilities of our products, not only in a lab but in the real-world," said Tuvia Barlev, Chief Executive Officer of Actelis Networks. "With Actelis, service providers can invest in confidence in equipment that enables cost effective delivery of Carrier Ethernet over Copper today and also can integrate with existing and future fiber networks."

Actelis Networks unveiled its newest Carrier Ethernet Access Device, the ML600, at the CeBIT exposition earlier this year and won the "Metro Product of the Year" at the recent NetEvents conference. The ML600 features advanced Ethernet switching, higher performance over the Ethernet in the First Mile uplink and an optional fiber optic interface to meet the demands of the Ethernet Access market. The new product allows service providers to easily extend the reach of their Metro Ethernet networks over copper or fiber and connect the Ethernet access network to any legacy network without deploying new fiber or upgrading the existing infrastructure or equipment.

"The service provider certification program brings the MEF certification full circle, by showing that not only can vendors deliver compliant equipment, but equally as important, that service providers can successfully use the equipment to deliver Carrier Ethernet services consistently in networks around the world," said Bob Mandeville of Iometrix. "Qwest's certification, which leveraged Actelis' Carrier Ethernet over Copper products, was unique by the inclusion of Ethernet Access equipment along with core metro switches from another equipment vendor."

Actelis Networks Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) equipment was included in the Carrier Ethernet network configuration that Qwest Communications used to pass MEF 9 for service providers joining the elite first group of service providers to comply with the MEF global Carrier Ethernet service definitions. Both Actelis and Qwest were presented with certificates of compliance during a ceremony at the Light Reading Ethernet Expo conference by Nan Chen, President and Director of the MEF, and Bob Mandeville, President and Founder of Iometrix. The certification program is a key step for the MEF in its mission to accelerate the adoption of consistent Carrier Ethernet services worldwide.

Bob Mandeville also remarked that, "The integration of access and core components from different vendors reflects the spirit of the certification program, which is designed to ensure the interoperability and consistent delivery of Carrier Ethernet services over a variety of network equipment from multiple suppliers."

Actelis' award-winning product portfolio combines innovative Ethernet transmission technology with standard-based Carrier Ethernet switching features to give service providers, and private network operators a solution for deploying high performance, highly reliable Ethernet services over the existing copper infrastructure. Actelis offers a wide range of product configurations that support both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations, over 1 to 8 pair(s) of voice grade copper. Actelis products fully comply with the IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and ITU-T G.998 standards, and are certified to be compliant with the Metro Ethernet Forum MEF 9 specification.

Actelis' patented EFMplus™ technology provides the highest reliability of any Carrier Ethernet over Copper solution along with best rate and reach performance. With the ability to provide high-quality bandwidth at extremely long distances, Actelis' platforms are ideal to support the extension of Carrier Ethernet services over the copper infrastructure to support a wide range of broadband applications. These include transparent LAN services, and voice and video over IP as well as backhauling of cell site base stations, remote DSLAMs and WiFi hotspots.

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