actelis networks

By leveraging high performance Broadband over Copper solutions from Actelis Networks, network operators can turn copper into a strategic asset that significantly enhances the profitability of their operations, expands the size and nature of their addressable market opportunity, and enables their strategy.  Many of today's biggest growth opportunities for network operators require getting more bandwidth to more places more cost effectively than ever before.

Fiber optics requires permits, trenching, and building owner permission, which take time as well as incurring high costs per mile/km.  Microwave involves more complex site acquisition, line of site calculations, performance estimates and operations procedures.  Non line of site wireless solutions do not offer Actelis' robust, predictable carrier class broadband over copper performance.  And none of these technologies offer copper's advantages of already being at most locations, being fully amortized, and allowing roll out of new services to more customers quickly and easily without a large CapEx investment.

Actelis’ market impact on residential broadband service providers:

  • Transforms the business case for high speed residential broadband
  • Fully leverages the installed base of DSLAMs and CPE while enhancing VDSL2 distance and bandwidth
  • Accelerates the rollout of more efficient and profitable broadband services over combined copper and FTTx networks
  • Supports delivery of premium triple play services with greater reach and bandwidth than standard DSL to reduce churn and fight cable operators
  • Enables meet government universal broadband service initiatives

Actelis’ market impact on business Ethernet and mobile service providers:

  • Gets standards based 10, 15, and Nx10 Mbps Ethernet services out to millions of Small and Medium Business (SMB)  customers that cannot be reached cost effectively with fiber.
  • Simplifies getting Ethernet to SMBs by eliminating the need to rewire buildings from the roof down or get line of sight with microwave
  • Enables 'bandwidth to the building' cost efficiencies using one Ethernet Access Device to serve multiple customers per building
  • Enables new access revenues and bundling of value added Cloud services
  • Enhances QoE for delivering mobile data services to prevent churn and enhance marketability
  • Sunsets n x T1/E1 services by quickly and cost effectively converting existing copper pairs to support high speed Ethernet services over bonded copper or VDSL
  • Provides backhaul for WiFi and 3G/4G small cell locations that cannot be reached cost effectively with fiber or wireless

Actelis’ market impact on government, transportation, utility and industrial operators:

  • Provides high bandwidth Ethernet connectivity to schools, offices, or secure monitored locations that are off the fiber footprint
  • Cost efficiently builds reliable intelligent traffic networks integrating multiple devices such as HD cameras, intelligent sensors, traffic controllers, and WiFi using IP/Ethernet
  • Reduces maintenance with rugged, hardened platforms for mission critical applications
  • Accelerates turn-up of service by avoiding the time or expense of fiber or wireless builds