Cyberlink Gains Nearly 50 Percent Increase in Bandwidth Capacity Using Actelis Networks’ Ethernet Over Copper Solutions

Cyberlink Gains Nearly 50 Percent Increase in Bandwidth Capacity Using Actelis Networks’ Ethernet Over Copper Solutions

Unprecedented Business-Class Broadband Services Being Deployed in Switzerland


PARIS, September 7, 2009 - Actelis Networks®, the leading global supplier of Ethernet over copper solutions, today announced at Broadband World Forum Europe (Stand 122) that Cyberlink AG, which provides high-speed Internet services in Switzerland, has deployed the company’s Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) and Ethernet aggregation platforms to deliver enhanced business-class broadband services. With Actelis’ intelligent Ethernet access systems installed, Cyberlink now uniquely delivers symmetrical broadband speeds in excess of 40 Mbps over existing copper lines. This represents an increase of nearly 50 percent in bandwidth capacity, enabled by Actelis’ Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) products.

“As first to market with enhanced broadband services that exploit our recently approved higher bit rates, Cyberlink is very pleased to be working with Actelis in extending the performance and reliability of our copper network infrastructure,” said Ramon Amat, CEO at Cyberlink. “This partnership of two industry pioneers is helping Cyberlink to increase its service revenue opportunities, while also cutting operational costs for the company, allowing us to pass along more value and enhanced services to our customers.”

The deployment comprises Actelis’ ML2300 Ethernet aggregation platform, combined with new SDU440 aggregation modules for the central office, along with Actelis’ ML600 EADs at the customer premises. The combined package provides unprecedented levels of rate, reach and reliability, exploiting features such as cross-platform bonding in the ML2300 and full system redundancy facilitated by the SDU440, which protects against hardware and network failure in the central office.

One of the major benefits of the Actelis solution for Cyberlink is in the higher bit rates per pair enabled by Actelis’ award-winning and standards-compliant EFMplus™ spectral management extensions.

“Actelis’ EFMplus technology allows Cyberlink to reduce the number of copper pairs needed to support existing customers,” said Amat. “This allows the company to reduce costs and free up capacity to offer new emerging services.”

Currently, Cyberlink offers symmetrical broadband Internet services at incremental bit rates from two Mbps to 40 Mbps. The Actelis EFM solution enables more than 40 Mbps to be delivered over five copper pairs, rather than the eight pairs required by other competing solutions.

“Actelis’ unmatched copper-bonding capabilities certainly allow Cyberlink to extend its business-class broadband services well beyond the current 40 Mbps limitation,” added Amat.

“This is a good news story for all European network service providers, as well as other carriers around the world,” said Joe Manuele, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Actelis. “Cyberlink’s deployment is evidence of how Actelis’ best-in-class Ethernet over copper solutions are continuing to evolve to meet the needs of a diverse global marketplace, which, ultimately, benefits all end users.”

Actelis continues to work with regulators throughout Europe and elsewhere to achieve similar increases in maximum permitted bit rates over copper pairs, according to Manuele.

“The technology is here,” commented Manuele, “with Actelis’ ability to transmit up to 15 Mbps of symmetric data over a single copper pair. We understand, however, that it may take time to reassure each regulator that this can be achieved without interfering with other services sharing the same infrastructure. Switzerland is one of the first European countries to allow these extended rates, and Actelis believes that additional countries will follow suit.” 

About Cyberlink AG
Cyberlink AG, founded in 1995, is an independent Swiss Internet Service Provider (ISP). Cyberlink operates in multiple locations throughout Zurich and Basel, serving thousands of corporate and private customers. For more information, visit



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