Ease of Deployment and Management with Actelis’ MetaASSIST EMS Advanced Layer-1 Topology View

Dec 2021, Fremont CA - Actelis Networks, the market leader in cyber-hardened, hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications, introduces its advanced Layer1 (L1) Topology View integrated with its MetaASSIST EMS platform. L1 Topology View allows Actelis’ customers across the board – Telco, utility, cities, government, military, and rail - to expand and extend their network to significantly simplify deployment, management, and monitoring of complex network topologies. 

The L1 Topology View is one of the major features offered as part of Actelis’ new MetaASSIST EMS 4.0 version, complementing the ‘Tree View’ which was supported in previous versions. The L1 Topology View allows MetaASSIST EMS clients to view the network topology using self-explanatory graphics. It is especially useful when viewing drop-and-continue or ring architectures in which the Tree View provides limited understanding of network elements connectivity, i.e., network topology.

The L1 Topology View offers advanced visual tools to provide the user with a simple, instant grasp of the topology, connectivity type and status of a link or a connected device.  For example, various line thicknesses are used to represent different link types (fiber, number of bonded pairs, etc.) and different line colors indicate the link state.

In addition, by moving the mouse cursor over a link, the user can easily view additional information about the unit at the end of the link – IP address, Ethernet port number, etc. Moreover, the L1 topology view allows the user to manually alter a view to identify a specific topology, i.e., Ring, as well as mark key topology elements such as Ring headend (root node) or the first node in a drop-and-continue topology.

Network view is automatically updated to immediately echo any changes in the network. When a node is added or removed/deleted, or when a fault causes a network element or link to fail, L1 Topology View is automatically updated, clearly reflecting the changes to immediately alert the user and enable effective management and fast recovery.

The L1 Topology View has already provided some of Actelis’ large customers with the ability to identify and troubleshoot network issues quickly and simply. This new functionality adds to the rich feature content provided by the MetaASSIST EMS, providing customers with an advanced network management platform which can monitor and configure all of Actelis’ network elements and provide alarm management for third party devices.