GigaLine 800

Go the last mile and connect all of your remaining
buildings and IoT devices instantly

Multi-Gigabit fiber extension over existing wiring,
connecting MDUs/MTUs, barracks, campuses, and more

Phase 2 Fiber deployment is here.
Because it's time to finish the job.

The first wave of fiber deployment is now done, accommodating affordable and easy to reach locations. Now it’s time for the next wave to connect the harder to reach locations, where the 2nd generation of fiber-hybrid networks use both fiber and gigabit speed copper to provide fiber-grade connectivity quicker and much more economically.  

The GL800 and our GL900 product lines are the perfect choice to close the digital divide immediately. We utilize your existing network infrastructure to save a tremendous amount of time and cost, and more importantly, get people connected immediately to the critical services they are lacking today.

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Gigabit Hybrid Fiber-Copper
Layer 2 Managed Switch


Reach locations not served by fiber today




Gigabit over existing twisted pairs


Ultra-secure 256-bit triple shield encryption

Instant Broadband For Multi-Dwelling Units

Gigabit connectivity for apartments, offices, hotels, and more, deployed in just hours!

Key Features

Features white


Instantly deliver fiber-grade services for:

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)
Multi-Tenant Units (MTUs)
Hotels & Motels
Senior Living Facilities
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Reach farther and faster with backhaul of 3G/4G/5G small cell networks, Wi-Fi networks, and DSLAMs.
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Enabling The Internet of Things

City WiFi Backhaul
Security Cameras
License Plate Recognition
Utility Services Monitoring
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Enabling Gigabit Connectivity campuswide

Supporting industrial, commercial and educational campuses by enabling connectivity for new & legacy devices.
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MDUs, MTUs, Hotels & Motels, Senior Living Facilities
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Backhaul of 3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi networks, and DSLAMs.
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City WiFi Backhaul, Security and LPR Cameras, Utility Monitoring
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Enabling Gigabit connectivity for industrial, commercial and educational facilities.
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Transport and aggregation of ITS data, supporting video backhaul and signal timing adjustments.
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Positive Train Control, Customer information, Surveillance, VoIP, WiFi
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Enabling instant Gigabit connectivity for utility monitoring devices.
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Cyber-Hardened, Rapid Deployment Gigabit Services for On-base Applications
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Exponentially Increase Homes Passed, Instantly

When GigaLine 800 is installed in a neighborhood, fiber-grade service becomes instantly available
to all nearby homes, exponentially increasing your number of homes passed!

* Performance may vary based on required noise margin, noise environment within the binder, DSLAM / DPU / CPE used,
copper pairs quality and cable type. All distances are 24 AWG.

Fiber Extension To The Campus/Building

Taking advantage of your existing twisted pairs, GL800 bridges the last mile gap between the
fiber termination point and the out of fiber reach buildings, instantly enabling multi-gig speeds.

Summary of Specifications - GigaLine 800


  • 6x 10/100/1000 Base-T: RJ45
  • 2x 100/1000Base-FX: SFP
  • 2x 1000/2500Base-FX: SFP

High Speed Link (Bonded Copper)

  • Protocol: IEEE 802.3ah, ITU-T G.998.2, G.993.5 Vectoring
  • profile: ITU-T G.9700 / 01 Up to 212 MHz, fallback to VDSL2
  • DMT Multimode: G.993.2 (VDSL2) – 35B/30A/17A
  • Impulse Noise Protection: G.INP (ITU-T G.998.4)
  • Bandwidth: Up to 2.5Gbps per HSL (2×2.5Gbps + 6x 1Gbps)
  • Number of Copper Pairs: 8 or 16


  • Clock Source: Synchronous Ethernet, G.8261, G.8262 (6 ports)
  • Clock Quality: EEC-option1 or 2
  • Clock APS: Automatic Protection Switch per GR-1244-CORE

Management (Out-of-Band)

  • RJ45 port
  • Craft EIA RS-232 (DCE): DB9
  • Bridging: IEEE 802.1q
  • Forwarding Database size: 16K MAC addresses
  • MTU: 1518 – 2048K Bytes
  • TPID: up to 4 settable per inner/outer tag
  • Aging: Configurable
  • MAC Limiting and Filtering
  • Multicast/Broadcast Control
  • Port based VLAN Stacking (Q-in-Q) Conditional VLAN Stacking
  • VLANs: 4K, VLAN translations
  • RSTP, STP: IEEE 802.1d
  • Link Aggregation: IEEE 802.3
  • Provider Bridges: IEEE 802.1ad
  • LLDP: IEEE 802.1ab
  • IGMP Snooping: RFC 4541, V1/V2
  • RFC 1112/2236
  • ERPS: ITU-T G.8032
  • EFM OAM: IEEE 802.3ah, Dying Gasp
  • CFM/MEF OAM: IEEE 802.1ag , ITU Y.1731

Quality of Service Features

  • Classes of Service (que/port): 8
  • Two Levels Hierarchical Scheduler (H-QOS), up to 64 que/port, WFQ, SP, Hybrid
  • Bandwidth Control: 32 profiles, 2 rate, 3 color (CIR, CBS, EIR, EBS)
  • EVCs: 32 Services
  • Classification: 128 rules (Port/ VLAN/L2/L3/L4)
  • Shaping: per queue/port
  • Color Mode Awareness by COS or DEI
  • CoS Marking: by COS or DEI, per Service


• Craft GUI: MetaASSIST View


  • IPV4 and IPV6
  • DHCP Client: RFC 2132
  • ACS Client, CWMP: TR-069
  • Command Line Interface: TL1, CLI
  • Remote Access: Telnet
  • SNMP: V3, V2C, V1
  • Radius Authentication: RFC 2865
  • Secure Access (option): SSH v2
  • Time Synchronization: SNTP v3
  • Web Access: HTTP
  • File transfer: FTP, TFTP
  • Syslog: RFC 3164

Indicators (LEDs)

  • Power, Status, Alarm
  • MLP per modem
  • Ethernet port : ACT, LNK

Alarm Contacts

  • Terminal Block: 2 Input, 1 Output

Dimensions (HxDxW)

  • 1.6 x 11 x 8.4 inch, 40 x 280 x 213 mm


  • Rack: 2 units in 19”, 23” or ETSI racks, Desktop, Wall Mount
  • DC: 24/48 Vdc nominal
  • AC: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, up to 40W
  • Operating Temp: -40° to +65°C
  • Storage Temp: -40° to +74°C
  • Relative humidity: Up to 95%, non-cond.
  • CE 2.0
  • UL 60950, CSA C22.2 60950
  • EN 60950-1, IEC 60950-1
  • FCC Part 15 Class
  • ICES-003 Class B
  • ETSI EN 300 386 Class B
  • ETSI ETS 300 132-2
  • ITU-T K.20, K.21
  • EMC and Safety
  • GR-63-CORE
  • ETSI ETS 300 019
  • FIPS 140-2

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