Traffic and environmental sensors, electronic signs, HD security cameras and WiFi hotspots all have to be placed precisely where needed, not just where fiber or microwave are cost justified or practical.  And given the mission critical nature of the applications ITS networks enable, the ultimate in reliable, high performance bandwidth is required to ensure 7x24 coverage, efficient traffic flow and public safety.

Add/drop capability and the availability of multiple high speed Ethernet ports fits the need for these networks, since the network operator often needs to place multiple types of sensors and multiple cameras within relatively close proximity.  Environmental hardening is an absolute must, and options for compact, DIN rail mounted, fanless units enables placement in even the smallest, dirtiest, non-ventilated environments during the worst possible weather.

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Actelis transforms a single copper pair from an instrument for delivering 1.5 or 2 Mbps T1 or E1 today into an access media capable of supporting 30 Mbps of Ethernet service while supporting multiple service classes and L2 VPNs with which to segregate and appropriately prioritize various ITS, security, and communications applications. Actelis copper devices all are equipped with a fiber interface allowing smooth migration to fiber. Actelis portfolio includes also fiber only devices for location that were already connected to fiber networks.

Field-proven, purpose-built designs based on input from operators and integrators of some of the world’s leading ITS networks and long experience in this market make Actelis the recognized name in efficient hybrid fiber-copper-based ITS backhaul.