Actelis Networks Residential Broadband Solutions give service providers a more efficient and cost effective way to roll out higher speed xDSL broadband access and triple play services to a much larger number of customers.  Fully leveraging their installed base of fiber and DSL equipment, Actelis can extend DSL services by 50-100% greater distance and boost bandwidth rates by as much as 300%.

Actelis’ innovative Broadband Amplifiers (BBA) and EFM over Copper portfolio allows operators to increase the reach and rate of DSL services significantly, quickly and easily. Expanding the size of the serving area for DSLAMs from any vendor and reducing the number of small DSLAMs that must be deployed closer to customers reduces the number of locations requiring backhaul, while providing a more efficient means to backhaul the additional DSLAMs that are still required.Residential App - Main

Actelis’ innovative xDSL analog broadband amplifiers, the ADSL Broadband Amplifier (ABA) and VDSL2 Broadband Amplifier (VBA), are line powered analog amplifiers.  Flexible placement at any convenient splice point between the DSLAM and residence increases the bandwidth that can be offered to the customer and the distance over which services can be offered significantly.  The BBA’s are compatible with an installed base of any vendor’s DSLAMs and DSL modems, and can operate using the same pair delivering POTS.  BBAs enhance performance without the cost of doing a full regeneration.  In the case of the VBA, it is also completely compatible with vectoring and additive to its performance gains.

The Actelis Residential Broadband Solution enables:

  • Leveraging the installed base of fiber and DSLAMs
  • Reaching more customers and significantly increasing the bandwidth offered to them
  • Reducing the CapEx required for rolling out enhanced broadband service levels
  • Cutting down on the number of smaller DSLAMs that must be deployed very close to customers
  • Enabling larger DSLAMs with more efficient cost per port to be utilized
  • Optimizing time to market, cost, and ROI for broadband builds
  • Coexisting with POTS services
  • Adding to the benefits of vectoring and bonding