The Actelis ADSL Broadband Amplifier (ABA)  enables service operators to significantly enhance ADSL/2/2+ bandwidth and distance capabilities to cost effectively reach more customers with higher service levels at low cost.  The ABA offers higher bandwidth to grow profitable high speed residential broadband services.


The Actelis’ ABA is a plug 'n play, line powered device that can be flexibly placed at a convenient splice or termination point between the DSLAM and the customer DSL modem.  It is fully compatible with POTS services.

The ABA offers outstanding performance

  • Increases the size of the DSLAM's serving area
  • Gets high speed broadband to more customers
  • Enhances coverage up to 100%
  • Improves bandwidth up to 100% (and beyond)
  • Increase reach for CAF-II services



The ABA is easy to integrate into the existing network

  • Simple “Plug ‘n play” operation
  • Flexible placement
  • Very low power draw
  • Line powering from POTS
  • POTS, and normal DSL performance to continue should unit failure occur
  • No interference with telephony (POTS) services
  • Working with bonding
  • Flexible Enclosures supporting 2, 4 and up to 24 ports
  • Optional management