High Performance 
  • Increases transmission rates
  • Extends reach, enhances coverage
  • Enables fulfilling Regulatory Mandates - Extended Coverage for CAF-II services
  • Improves marginally performing loops
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Compatible with the installed base
  • Improves QoE and reduces churn

Cost Effective
Low Cost in Both Capital & Operational Expenditure 

  • Lower cost than FTTH deployments
  • Serves more customers with more bandwidth to increase FTTC ROI
  • Improves utilization and ROI of DSLAMs
  • Line powering , utilizing existing POTS powering
Flexible Network Integration
  • Analog device compatible with any DSLAM or DSL modem (CPE)
  • Transparent to DSLAM hardware and software changes
  • Coexists peacefully with POTS and Legacy services
  • Requires no OSS modifications
  • Full transparency to Metallic Testing
  • Full Transparency to Bonding
  • Power consumption less than 100 mw
Flexible Deployments
  • Installs at splice point or cross box
  • Very flexible placement between DSLAM and DSL modem (CPE)
  • Compact size
  • No need for additional pairs or power on site
  • Hardened and sealed – IP-68 enclosure
  • Pole, wall, or underground cabinet mount
  • Modular Enclosures

Minimizing Remote Site Installation

  • Plug and Play- No configuration, Auto calibration
  • Line powered from POTS
  • Self-contained modular enclosures
  • Remote powering from Express pairs for dry DSL
Minimizing Truck Rolls, Lower TCO
(after installation)

  • High resiliency  to EMI
  • Lightning and overvoltage primary protection
  • Field replaceable gas discharge tubes (GDTs)
  • Remote Management option for multi port solution*
  • Auto bypass upon power failure
  • High MTBF
  • Auto gain adjust per loop topology and spectral limitations

Simple Test and Diagnostics
(after installation) 

  • Auto bypass supports MLT testing
  • Flash tool 

Environmentally Friendly

  • ROHS-6
  • Small foot print
  • Very Low Power