Actelis’ DRB Technology Nominated for Two World Vendor Awards: Technology Foresight and Best Specialist Vendor

FREMONT, Calif., February 29, 2012 - Actelis®, The Broadband Acceleration Company™, has been named as a finalist in the categories of Technology Foresight and Best Specialist Vendor by the World Vendor Awards 2012. Actelis’ DRB technology nomination in both categories showcases the combination of years of experience in developing innovative EFM over bonded-copper solutions. Actelis’ DRB technology offers carriers worldwide the ability to effectively mitigate cross-talk interference between hundreds of copper pairs to accelerate broadband reach and rates substantially, delivering bandwidth-hungry applications like cloud computing that rely on the quality and reliability of the underlying broadband connection.

“Actelis’ mission has always been to accelerate delivery of universal broadband solutions over existing networks,” said Vivek Ragavan, president and CEO at Actelis, who recently was nominated for the World Vendor Awards 2012 CEO of the Year (CLICK HERE to cast your vote). “Actelis’ Ethernet solutions with built-in DRB technology are playing a vital role in Carrier Ethernet initiatives around the world, enabling our valued customers to significantly boost their symmetrical bandwidth throughput and wide-scale coverage area. Subsequently, they can more efficiently and cost effectively deliver business-class, managed and cloud-based services while greatly minimizing capital and operational expenses.”

Nominees of the Technology Foresight category have shown the greatest foresight in manufacturing and fostering the development of a technology used, or able to be used, in delivering or receiving communications services via carrier networks. In the category of Best Specialist Vendor, the winner has demonstrated how its products and solutions address the needs of a specific part of the telecom market, and how their foresight and innovation are improving business for their customers.

Winners will be announced at the gala dinner at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London, England, on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

DRB Technology Accolades
“Actelis’ Ethernet solutions with its new DRB capabilities allow Hawaii Dialogix Telecom to offer highly differentiated services, reach more customers and deliver services at price points that offer superior value,” said Jared Grugett, president at HDT. “Actelis’ advancements in standards-based Ethernet technologies enable HDT to quickly deploy the advanced broadband solutions our customers are expecting, and deliver them with business-class speed and reliability.”

“The skyrocketing success of Destiny stems from our ability to deliver services that even incumbent service providers cannot,” said Samuel De Wever, director of products and solutions at Destiny. “By layering Actelis’ Ethernet solutions and DRB technology over the existing copper network, Destiny is reaching significantly more customers than any fiber-optic network in Belgium, while providing a fiber-quality broadband experience at a very economical price.”

“Actelis’ ML600 product portfolio with DRB built in allows G4 to build a next-generation EFM network that delivers advanced business-class services that are backed with our reliable service level agreements,” said Gent Cav, president of G4 Communications. “We tested other competing solutions and quickly determined that only with Actelis’ industry-leading performance and coverage could G4 reliably accelerate deployment of new IP-based applications that met the needs of our valued customers.”


About Actelis Networks
Actelis®, The Broadband Acceleration Company™, is the global market leader and innovator in developing unique broadband solutions for telecom service providers, enterprises and municipalities. Deployed by more than 350 customers worldwide, Actelis is accelerating broadband services to businesses and residential subscribers through award-winning products and technologies, including the Broadband Accelerator (BBA), EFMplus™, Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) and Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS). These unique, patented technologies enable service providers to deliver broadband services with the greatest rate, reach and reliability at lower cost over existing copper infrastructure. Actelis® and Actelis Networks® are registered trademarks. The Broadband Acceleration Company™, EFMplus™ and MetaASSIST™ are trademarks of Actelis. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

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