Actelis Networks’ DRB Technology Accelerating Destiny’s Wide-scale Deployment of Advanced Broadband Services to Businesses in Western Europe

Actelis Networks' DRB Technology Accelerating Destiny's Wide-scale Deployment of Advanced Broadband Services to Businesses in Western Europe

HANNOVER, Germany, March 3, 2011 - Actelis Networks®, the leading global supplier of Ethernet over copper solutions that is accelerating everything for service providers, today announced at CeBIT that Destiny, an independent Belgian telecom operator specializing in delivering advanced network services and telecom solutions for enterprises, is deploying Actelis’ Ethernet aggregation switches and Ethernet access devices across its network. With Actelis’ new Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) technology, Destiny is economically delivering significantly higher symmetrical broadband speeds—up to 15Mbps per copper pair, or 100Mbps per link—to existing and new customers, as well as customers categorized as “hard to reach” by competing carriers in the region.

Destiny selected Actelis because of the unmatched symmetrical broadband rates, reliability and unparalleled reach enabled by the company’s new DRB technology. Actelis’ EFMplus™ technology with DRB includes a number of unique technological innovations that improve the performance of service provider networks, with capabilities such as cross-talk cancellation, enhanced Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS), and automatic noise mitigation. When compared to competing off-the-shelf EFM solutions, Actelis’ Ethernet over copper solutions with DRB more than double the reach of advanced broadband services into the customer serving area. Additionally, Actelis’ DRB technology provides Destiny major reductions in CapEx and OpEx by optimizing the use of its access equipment and utilizing fewer copper pairs to deliver significantly greater bandwidth.

“The skyrocketing success of Destiny stems from our ability to deliver services that even incumbent service providers cannot,” said Samuel De Wever, director of products and solutions at Destiny. “By layering Actelis’ Ethernet solutions and DRB technology over the existing copper network, Destiny is reaching significantly more customers than any fiber-optic network in Belgium, while providing a fiber-quality broadband experience at a very economical price.”

Actelis’ DRB technology gives Destiny the ability to efficiently and cost effectively transport its portfolio of broadband services over the copper network, according to De Wever. These services include DIA (Direct Internet Access), integrated voice and data service bundles Delphi and Integra, and VPLS/IP VPN.

“Providing a bundle of services that can be tailored to each customer’s need, at a price point that is highly competitive, is vital to Destiny’s business model,” added De Wever. “Bundling services also allows Destiny to provide our valued customers with one bill and one point of contact for all the services they need, making Destiny the ideal choice for any business.”

“Actelis and Destiny share a common mantra: provide the fastest, most reliable broadband services with the greatest coverage area over existing copper networks,” said Joe Manuele, executive vice president of worldwide sales and customer support at Actelis. “Actelis’ solutions are the ideal choice for service providers whether they are delivering Internet access, voice or other services that rely on robust broadband connectivity. Actelis is committed to helping Destiny succeed in its mission of establishing itself as a leading service provider to Belgium and Western Europe.”

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