Actelis Networks’ EFM Systems and Repeaters Pass ANSI T1.417 Standard Compliance Testing by Telcordia

Actelis Networks’ EFM Systems and Repeaters Pass ANSI T1.417 Standard Compliance Testing by Telcordia

Actelis leads the industry in offering spectrally compliant EFM solutions, enabling mass deployment of high-bandwidth services throughout the access network.

FREMONT, July 15, 2010 - Actelis Networks®, the leading global supplier of Ethernet over copper solutions, today announced the company’s product portfolio of high-speed Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) systems, including its line of XR239 EFM Repeaters, has been proven to be in compliance with the ANSI T1.417-2003 standard for Spectrum Management for Loop Transmission Systems by Telcordia. Compliance with the T1.417 standard signifies to telecom network service providers that Actelis’ high-speed EFM systems and repeaters will have no adverse impact on any neighboring voice and broadband services, such as ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 (xDSL), when deployed in the access portion of the public telephone switching network (PTSN). Telcordia, an authority on the ANSI T1.417 standard, used a series of sophisticated testing tools and processes to conduct the full suite of tests defined in T1.417 using Actelis’ EFM systems and repeaters.

“Telcordia performed a thorough evaluation, both analytically and in the lab, which clearly demonstrated that Actelis’ EFM systems and repeaters are spectrally compatible with all common central office-based loop transmission technologies, as defined in the T1.417 standard,” said Ken Kerpez, senior scientist at Telcordia who led this detailed compliance testing process and was one of the primary authors of the standard.

A key element of large-scale deployments for carriers is an assurance that any new high-bandwidth services introduced into their networks do not adversely impact existing and future xDSL services. Actelis’ EFM systems and repeaters allow telecom service providers to systematically migrate their customers from legacy T1/E1 or xDSL services—which are no longer adequate—to fast, efficient and highly reliable EFM-based broadband services without disrupting these services and preserving their current and future revenue streams. This also ensures that carriers do not have to deal with the operational complexity of segregating services in different binders, but rather allows them to focus on creating and delivering new higher revenue and higher margin services by delivering higher speed services to more customers.

“Service providers want to deploy high-speed services over long loops without worrying about spectral interference, but traditional thinking has been that repeaters have to be limited to low speeds to be spectrally compliant,” said Dr. Ioannis Kanellakopoulos, chief technology officer at Actelis. “At Actelis, we challenge traditional thinking with advanced technology on a daily basis, and in this case, we invented a solution that delivers exactly what our customers demanded. But because our competition had been making claims that this is impossible, Actelis sought the expertise of Telcordia to independently test our EFM systems and repeaters and verify that they are fully T1.417 compliant. We are pleased to announce today that our products passed every single one of the hundreds of thousands of test cases, as defined in the T1.417 specification and conducted by Telcordia, without any limitations on repeater location or bit rate. Our patent-pending solution for achieving spectral compliance is an industry first, and it enables our customers to deliver significantly higher rates over very long loops with the full confidence of T1.417 compliance.”

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of an earlier announcement of new Ethernet solutions from Actelis which double the rate and reach of broadband Ethernet access services over bonded-copper pairs. Actelis strengthened its EFM solutions to include its innovative Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) and enhanced Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS) capabilities, which are powered by the company’s award-winning and patented EFMplus™ technology. Actelis’ DRB boosts the capabilities of bonded-copper pairs to deliver 2x rate/reach compared to competing EFM solutions. The company’s enhanced DSS is designed to ensure that resulting services are spectrally compliant and do not interfere with other xDSL services.

“Receiving compliance is a milestone for both Actelis Networks and our customers,” said Eric Vallone, vice president of marketing at Actelis. “By ensuring a carrier’s ability to run multiple services in the same binder without any interference, Actelis has eliminated the need to build out any parallel networks. With Actelis’ ANSI T1.417 standard compliance, carriers can be 100 percent confident in their ability to economically and ubiquitously deploy higher rates with greater coverage throughout their networks.”

While the T1.417 standard is specific to North America, the successful completion of this rigorous testing by Telcordia indicates that Actelis products have unique, innovative capabilities that allow them to meet spectral regulations in every market across the globe, according to research analyst Prayerna Raina, who has been following Actelis Networks since the company’s inception in 1998.

“Actelis has once again exemplified its technology leadership and marketing savvy by developing high bit rate EFM solutions and repeaters that are T1.417 compliant,” commented Raina, research analyst of information and communication technologies at Frost & Sullivan. “Actelis’ compliance should help service providers with widescale deployments of advanced, high-speed broadband services as well as DSLAM and mobile backhaul applications.”

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