Actelis Networks Introduces ML600EL, Offering Triple-Shield Protection Against Cyber Attacks, Including Cutting Edge 256-bit MACsec Encryption

Feb. 2021, Fremont CA - Actelis Networks, the market leader in cyber-hardened, hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications, announces the launch of ML600EL – a new product line offering Triple-Shield Protection against cyber attacks, including cutting edge wire-speed 256-bit MACsec encryption.

Cyber security is a major, growing concern across all industries. The number of ransom attacks and security breaches is climbing rapidly.  According to experts, more and more companies are paying and ransom demands are skyrocketing.Critical infrastructure companies such as utility/energy, ITS as well as military and government are looking to ensure their communication and control networks utilizing both fiber and copper infrastructure are protected and locked, preventing any unauthorized access.

Actelis’ ML600EL new product line offers a comprehensive TRIPLE SHIELD, or three layers of protection which include Encryption – MACSec 256-bit, Fragmentation (EFM), and Scrambling (multi conduits). This set of security mechanisms makes it extremely hard for an intruder to comprehend the transmitted data or successfully hack into the system. The hacker would need to gather the information from all lines in order to de-scrambled it, glue the fragments in the correct order and then de-encrypt with a unique decryption key known only to the two devices at each end of the link.

ML600EL MACsec 256-bit offers 3600 wide protection per device as it is supported on multiple ports, across all port types – fiber, copper, or electrical Ethernet, and all at wire-speed, meaning it is able to encrypt all traffic going through a specific port. MACsec, unlike IPsec, is a hardware-based layer two technology, which allows it to be used at wire-speed even for very high port rates without limitation.

Beyond encryption the ML600EL is an extremely compact, hybrid switch equipped with Actelis’ unique technology, allowing simplified and immediate migration to higher bandwidth connectivity, supporting new emerging applications and services based on existing network with fiber-like reliability. ML600EL advanced traffic management capabilities along with Actelis’ core patented technologies, EFMplus, Symmetrical Vectoring and Dynamic Spectral Shaping, allow operators to effectively prioritize transmission of various traffic streams sharing the same transmission pipe, while optimizing the bandwidth, extending coverage, reliability, and service availability. Operators can than flexibly select to encrypt all or only part of the traffic going out of the device per user configured VLANs.

The ML600EL product line includes the ML644EL, ML648EL and ML6916EL units, aggregating up to four encrypted customer links. Gigabit connectivity is supported over two fiber SFP ports and four electrical RJ45 ports, on top of up to sixteen copper pairs (model specific). More than 100 Mbps can be supported over the bonded copper pairs.

The ML600EL is built for harsh environments, allowing for flexible installation at any location, indoor or outdoor. Its compact size – half 19” rack, 1RU high – enables easy deployment even in highly constrained locations. ML600EL can be used in various topologies including Fiber, bonded copper, or mixed rings, ‘point-to-point’ and ‘point to multipoint’. The same unit can be used as CO or CPE/Remote unit.

ML600EL is remotely managed via Actelis’ MetaASSIST View application and MetaASSIST EMS platform. It offers a high level of troubleshooting, automation, and network visibility for effective OAM from a network control center.