Actelis Networks introduces ML6416E:
A New Advanced Extremely Compact Hybrid Fiber-Copper Unit Supporting
More than 200 Mbps per Link.

June 2019, Fremont CA - Actelis Networks, the market leader in high performance broadband over hybrid fiber-copper networks, announces the launch of its latest addition to its well-known ML600E series. The ML6416E, equipped with Actelis’ unique technology, allows our customers – Telco, utility, cities, government, military, rail, and others, to simplify their migration to higher bandwidth connectivity, immediately supporting new emerging applications and services based on their current network with fiber-like reliability and service availability.

The ML6416E is an extremely compact, hybrid 6+16 port unit. It supports a high-bandwidth link of up to 240 Mbps, bonding sixteen copper pairs, along with Gigabit connectivity over two fiber SFP ports and four electrical RJ45 ports. ML6416E creates an effective bridge between the fiber and the existing copper network.

ML6416E is part of Actelis’ ML600E product line, offering a powerful platform integrating advanced traffic management capabilities along with Actelis’ core patented technologies, EFMplus, Symmetrical Vectoring as well as Dynamic Spectral Shaping. These capabilities allow operators to effectively prioritize transmission of various traffic streams sharing the same transmission pipe, while optimizing the bandwidth, extending coverage, reliability, and service availability over their growing hybrid fiber-copper networks. The ML6416E can effectively use for direct customer service or as a backhaul link serving multiple customers all utilizing the same pipe.

The ML6416E is built for harsh environments allowing for flexible installation in any location, indoor or outdoor. Its compact size – half 19” rack, 1RU high – enables easy deployment even in highly constrained locations, as well stacking of multiple units as demand grows. ML6416E can be used in various topologies including Fiber, bonded copper, or mixed rings, ‘Drop and Continue’ as well as in ‘point-to-point’ (PTP)and ‘point-to-multi-point’ (PTMP). The same unit can be used as CO or CPE/Remote unit. In a PTMP configuration the ML6416E could be a CPE or a remote unit of an Actelis’ aggregation unit, i.e., the ML2300, or ML230.

Actelis offers bonding of up to thirty-two pairs with its ML230 for scenarios or location requiring longer reach or higher bandwidth.

ML6416E is remotely managed via Actelis’ MetaASSIST View application and MetaASSIST EMS platform. It offers a prominent level of troubleshooting, automation, and network visibility for effective OAM from a network control center.