Actelis Networks is First in Delivering High-Speed Access Systems in Compliance with New ITU Recommendations on Multi-Pair Bonding

Actelis Networks is First in Delivering High-Speed Access Systems in Compliance with New ITU Recommendations on Multi-Pair Bonding

New Standard Specifications Sets the Stage for Fast Rollout of
Universal Broadband Services

Fremont, California January 17, 2005 - Actelis Networks, the first company to enable fiber-quality Ethernet services over existing copper networks, announced that it is first to deliver products that comply with the newly developed International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommendations on multi-pair bonding. The specifications allow the transport of data from the service provider, to the subscriber at greatly increased speeds over single-pair transmission. (ITU's G.998 recommendations) paves the rollout of high bandwidth services to business and residential customers not currently served by fiber.

Using standard xDSL technology, boosts data rates in proportion to the number of copper lines that are bonded. Business and residential locations served by more than one pair can benefit from the combined bandwidth performance of all pairs. Telecom operators see multi-pair bonding as a fast, cost effective way to meet increasing demand for high-speed services in the access network.

Based on the latest ITU standard specifications, Actelis' provides the only Ethernet over Copper solutions to deliver symmetric speeds up to 67 Mbps with Quality of Service (QoS) metrics equal to fiber optics. Symmetric bandwidth delivery with guaranteed QoS is critical to provisioning data, two-way video and voice communications over Ethernet infrastructures. Awarded for performance excellence, coupled with easy installation and management, Actelis' high-speed access systems enable carriers and service providers to use phone-grade copper to provide high bandwidth services on a universal scale.

"The new ITU specifications are another milestone in the global market development of broadband technology. They recognize the added value that delivering Ethernet and other services over copper brings to the speed and performance of the network," said Yossi Saad, vice president of marketing and business development for Actelis Networks. "Actelis' deep involvement in the standardization activities allowed us to provide standard compliant products well in advance, so that we can bring field-proven solutions to our customers."

Actelis offers a broad range of carrier-grade access systems for telco and enterprise networks as well as government and military installations. Generally available for over a year and now deployed worldwide, Actelis' high-speed access systems support some of the world's most critical communications networks.

Notes to technical editors:
Actelis' MetaLIGHT® 50, 1300 and 130 platforms are compliant with G.998.2 (Ethernet transport) similar to the IEEE 802.3ah EFM standard, while the MetaLIGHT 100E and MetaLIGHT 1500 are compliant with G.998.3 (multi-service), which includes the Time-Division Inverse Multiplexing (TDIM) bonding protocol that was contributed to the standard by Actelis.

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