Actelis Networks MetaLIGHT 1500 Wins “Product of the Year” from Internet Telephony Magazine

Actelis Networks MetaLIGHT 1500 Wins "Product of the Year" from Internet Telephony Magazine

MetaLIGHT 1500 selected for technological innovation and genuine business value to worldwide service providers

FREMONT, Calif., January 14, 2003 - Actelis Networks®, the first company to enable fiber-quality transport services over local-loop copper, announced today that Internet Telephony magazine has chosen the MetaLIGHT® 1500 as a winner of their prestigious Product of the Year Award.

The MetaLIGHT 1500 is a high-speed, symmetrical, point-to-point transport system, and is the first product based on Actelis' industry-leading MetaLOOP™ technology. It eliminates the last-mile bandwidth bottleneck by transforming the existing copper loop into a broadband transport that covers the Carrier Serving Area (CSA) with both fiber quality and fiber performance. Offering unprecedented rate, reach and reliability, the MetaLIGHT 1500 allows carriers to quickly and inexpensively offer high-speed, copper-based broadband services to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

"The Product of the Year award is meant not only to honor the outstanding teams who developed and manufactured the products and services on our winning list, but also to educate our readers on the vast array of offerings in this market. Choosing the winners was a difficult process, and we spent many hours studying the applications we received from vendors, as well as looking through materials we collected on our own over the past year," said Greg Galitzine, editorial director of Internet Telephony magazine. "Actelis Networks deserved the honor of Product of the Year due to a proven commitment to producing quality products."

The award not only recognizes outstanding achievement, but also serves as 'buyer's guide' for IP telephony consumers. Editors reviewed more than 150 applications for the honor, before selecting the solutions that, in their view, demonstrate the vision, leadership and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of Product of the Year Award winners.

"We are honored to have our MetaLIGHT 1500 selected by Internet Telephony magazine as their Product of the Year," said Hamid Lalani, senior vice president of global marketing and business development for Actelis Networks. "This award demonstrates that innovation and creativity has continued in this industry despite the downturn. Actelis is leading that process by developing solutions that enable all Telcos to cost-effectively provide reliable high-speed services to businesses on existing copper plant."

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