ML600 delivers high speed Ethernet over up to 16 bonded copper pairs utilizing G.SHDSL technology. Compact ½19” wide and 1 RU tall hardened solution, the ML600 units can be easily deployed either as an EAD/NTU in a PTMP scenarios or at both end of the link in a PTP scenario. ML600 rate and reach can be further extended using Actelis’ XR239 repeaters. ML600 are CE 2.0 certified and support flexible interfaces to accommodate different scenarios.

NTU Enclosures
Compact self-contained enclosure supporting flexible outdoor installation, outside the cabinet, wall or pole mounted. Enclosures incorporate Actelis ML600 NTUs and a flexible power module supporting remote, local AC or local DC powering schemes.

EAD/NTU for scenarios requiring more than 16 pairs for high bandwidth, very long reach as well as “Drop and Continue” configurations when bonded copper is used both as the aggregation as well as the link toward the next termination point.

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