Any DSLAM can be used to effectively aggregate Actelis ML700 EAD/NTUs offering high speed Ethernet link over bonded VDSL2/ADSL2+ADSL2/ADSL. Actelis ML700 EADs/NTUs support bonding of up to 8 pairs.

ML700 can be used in PTP scenarios deployed at both side of the link. ML700 PTP supports a single link bonding up to 8 pairs.

ML2300/ML230 can be used to delivers high speed CE 2.0 Ethernet services using bonded VDSL2 transmission technology (future release) . ML2300/ML230 are high density hardened chassis base platform with pluggable VLU cards that can be deployed in COs or Remote cabinets. ML2300/ML230 can be deployed in PTP or PTMP scenarios with all Actelis ML700 and Broadband Amplifiers.

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