Actelis Releases its New, Powerful ML600DM IoT Networking Building Blocks to Customers

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Actelis Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNS) (“Actelis” or the “Company”) a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking solutions for wide area IoT applications, releases its new, powerful, ML600DM product line to customers.

Rapid IoT networking deployment is now available at Gigabit speeds, with flexible, cyber-hardened encryption and instant powering for IoT devices over the data wires

The ML600DM family of products consists of software managed, compact industrial switches offering rapid deployment of IoT networks, utilizing any existing infrastructure of fiber, copper or coax. Smart Cities, rail, highways, airports, utilities and military organizations can now digitize and modernize their installations with better, faster networking building blocks from Actelis, at a fraction of the time and cost, compared to all-new non-hybrid fiber networks.

The ML600DM series offers 10Gbps switching capacity, cyber-hardened software and flexible encryption capabilities to accommodate a large variety network environments and applications.

The ML600DM platform also offers stronger power feeding for IoT devices up to 90 Watt over the same data wires, which covers most IoT devices such as HD cameras, sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots and more. This power is running on the existing data wires (copper only) and alleviates the high cost involved in laying dedicated power lines.

“We developed this powerful new product line based on our clients’ feedback,” said Tuvia Barlev, Chairman and CEO of Actelis. “We were asked to deliver a solution that allows clients to connect more devices at higher speeds, and with increased security and more power, bringing the utilization of existing legacy networks to a new level. I am proud to say that the Actelis team has delivered.”

The new ML600DM product line was designed to provide more flexibility, faster speeds, higher security levels, and more powerful software management capabilities. IoT market needs are exploding, and IoT device installations are growing accordingly. In order to better support this expansion, ML600DM series offers more port density (connecting up to 10 devices in the same compact size), Gigabit speeds across all Ethernet interfaces, and delivers more power to more devices. The cyber-security of the solution has also been taken to the next level with more advanced 256bit encryption at wire-speed, without impacting data transmission speed.

The ML600DM devices continues Actelis’ unique offering in serving hybrid networks of new fiber and legacy copper, allowing for rapid network deployment and major cost savings. This new product line brings IoT connectivity to the next level, streamlining power and data, as well as combining multiple additional functionalities into one device.

Actelis ML600DM series is released with its MetaASSIST software management platform, providing smart configuration, provisioning of devices and remote maintenance.

The ML600DM series highlights include:

  • Gigabit speeds, 10Gbps switching capacity, High Density - Multiple Gigabit fiber/copper interfaces for IoT devices (cameras, sensors, controllers, WiFi) or network connectivity.
  • More flexible cyber protection - offering advanced leading-edge multi-layered security with cutting edge 256-bit encryption over multiple Interfaces, fiber and copper, at wire speed - without impacting transmission speed.
  • Highly robust platform to ensure superior industrial-grade resiliency and service continuity - utilizing patented, automated algorithms and advanced hardware and software redundancy mechanisms. Ability to overcome multiple failure scenarios.
  • Streamlined connectivity and power to IoT devices - supporting data backhaul, direct connectivity and power feeding, up to 90W to support most IoT devices and hotspots.
  • Instant connectivity, Versatile hybrid solution - Fiber, copper, or both. Easy automated connectivity and rapid migration between mediums.
  • Ruggedized, Compact - fits any location - Indoor/outdoor and hardened for harsh environments.
  • Adaptable network configuration – Supports any network scenario - immediate and cost-effective solution to reach even hard to reach locations, along pipelines/highway/rail tracks, city roads & intersections, military installations.
  • Advanced remote management, advanced troubleshooting, minimizing on site activities - Cost optimized Installation, maintenance, and monitoring activities.



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