Fulfilling The Need for Immediate and Secure Fiber-Grade Network Connectivity Along Highways

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Safer Roads & More Prosperity

Too many people die on roadways, the cost of traffic congestion is in the billions, and the transportation industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse emissions. Technologies exists to fix these issues but the lack of secure high-speed network connectivity along highways to connect these devices together is holding transportation agencies back from making the progress necessary to see real change.

Current Challenges

1. There is a lack of fiber-grade network connectivity and power sources along highways to properly support:

  • Driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety
  • Improved traffic flow & reduced congestion
  • Faster response time for emergency vehicles
  • Real-time information about traffic conditions and traffic behavior
  • Mainstream roll-out of autonomous vehicles
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

2. High cost to install fiber along roadways

The cost of new fiber infrastructure to cover 100% of a highway system is enormous and the time it takes to deploy such a network can take years. The longer and more remote the highway system is, the more cost and time must be built into a project.

3. Road monitoring regulations are becoming stricter

Countries are now mandating more road cameras per mile, 24/7 monitoring, enforcement of using new High-quality IP cameras and the implementation of emergency VoIP phone points every 1-2 miles. Upgrading the network to comply with these regulations without fiber connectivity or power is a major challenge.

4. Cyber attacks are a constant threat to the transportation network

The transportation industry is becoming more and more dependent on interconnected digital systems which means that the risk of cyberattacks is rising. With autonomous vehicles becoming more mainstream, this threat is a true safety related issue that cannot be ignored.

An Overnight Solution to A Long Term Problem

Secure, fiber-grade connectivity is the literal conduit for expanding the utilization of traffic management devices. Networking these devices together to monitor traffic flow, detect vehicles at various points in their journey, and deliver real-time information to traffic operators and to drivers is critical for safety and congestion reduction. The Actelis solution is unique because it enables this connectivity in just hours (and powers devices over ethernet), with no construction or engineering costs and is cyber-hardened to help protect the network at the edge.

A Hybrid Approach To Networking

The wiring in most networks consists of a mix of fiber and twisted pair copper. The existing wiring in a traffic network is ultra-valuable and can be reused to bring more traffic management devices online. Actelis works with traffic departments to help them take full advantage of their existing wiring and allows them to manage one integrated hybrid-fiber network.

Extending Your Fiber Reach

Actelis’ hardened fiber-optic and hybrid-fiber switches provide a wide range of features to maximize your fiber deployment. Transportation departments can extend their networks for miles and miles, instantly connecting more and more devices.

Fiber-Grade Over Copper Performance

The Actelis solution boosts the performance of copper to give it the speed and quality of fiber. With our patented technology, Gigabit speeds can be achieved and the transmission is synchronized to remove interference.

Fiber-grade connectivity & power over Ethernet deployed in just hours

Connect locations where fiber installation is cost prohibitive

Securing the network’s edge with end-to-end encryption protocols

Saves up to 80% compared to a new fiber deployment

Example Topology of a Hybrid-Fiber Network

Key Benefits of the Actelis Solution for Highways

Up to 80% cost savings
Installing new fiber to all locations along a highway costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. By utilizing available copper in the network, these costs are eliminated.
Faster project completion
Many projects get slowed down by waiting for budget approval, permitting, engineering and installation. The wiring in your network will be used by Actelis to help you avoid these long delays.
Increased Safety
The faster you deploy network connectivity, the faster you can install cameras, sensors, messaging signs and more to collect data, and communicate better with drivers.
Lower Pollution
Improved network connectivity at more highway locations enables traffic departments to put the technology in place to ease traffic congestion and monitor pollution levels.
Prevention from Cyber Attacks
End-to-end protection through Actelis’ triple shield solution, providing high-end encryption protocols, data fragmentation and scrambling.

Ready for V2X?

The utilization of autonomous vehicles is promising, especially because of the expected safety and environmental benefits. However, for autonomous vehicles to become mainstream, reliable V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) network connectivity along highways needs to be deployed.

Vehicles need to be able to “talk” with each other, as well with devices such as cameras, sensors, and messaging signs, to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system.

The Actelis hybrid-fiber solution is the perfect choice to expedite a V2X network because it can deliver the needed bandwidth and reliability immediately over any wireline medium.

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Modernize. Digitize. Protect.

Actelis enables secure and resilient broadband connectivity solutions for Smart Cities- ITS, IoT, Industrial IoT and municipal broadband networks.

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The MetaLIGHT 230 serves as a Central Office aggregator in a Point-to-Multipoint topology connecting to multiple fiber, copper, or hybrid fiber-copper switches.

With Actelis MetaAssist, network operators can rapidly deploy and scale while reducing operational expenses and complexity.