Frontier Communication Approves Actelis Amplifier 3.0 to Extend 10 Mbps – 20 Mbps and CAF-II Services to Residential Customers at over 20,000 ft

FREMONT, Calif., Feb 16th, 2017 – Actelis Networks, the market leader in cyber-hardened, hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications, has been selected by Frontier Communication Corporation (NYSE: FTR) to further extend 10 Mbps - 20 Mbps and CAF-II service delivery, using Actelis’ new ADSL Broadband Amplifier, the ABA 3.0. Actelis ABA 3.0 is the second generation of Actelis’ Broadband Amplifiers (BBA), optimized to cost effectively boost service coverage as well as to offer significantly higher bandwidth at over 20,000 ft.

“Frontier Communications has successfully deployed thousands of the Actelis ABA 2.0 amplifiers, to provide higher service levels to customers”, said Mark Davis, Senior Network Architect Engineer. “Recently, Frontier approved the ABA 3.0 to achieve the FCC’s CAF-II requirement to deliver 10/1 Mbps to harder-to-reach customers. In these areas, ABA 3.0 will allow Frontier to reach customers with a lower CapEx investment and OpEx expenses compared to fiber-based, loop shortening access delivery methods.”

ABA 3.0 is a new member in Actelis’ BBA product family, designed to help carriers enhance residential ADSL and VDSL broadband services, increasing coverage area from DSLAMs by 2X-3X. The BBAs are feeding off the line current with no additional power required, are Vectoring friendly, and support FCC mandated CAF-I and CAF-II service goals”, said Tuvia Barlev, Actelis President and CEO. “The BBAs provide an extremely effective, low-cost solution that has helped tens of service providers meet the increasing customer demand for broadband overnight, resolve service reliability issues at the cost of a truck roll, and reach close to 100% coverage in a given service area.”

Actelis BBA product line includes ADSL and VDSL broadband amplifiers as well as flexible enclosures of 2, 4 and 24 ports, to support various network topologies. Actelis BBAs are feeding off the POTS power, thus simplifying the installation process and minimizing cost, as well as long term power consumption. BBAs are compatible with all DSLAMs and CPEs and support bonding and Vectoring to further increase service bandwidth and reach.

About Actelis:
Actelis Networks, is the market leader in high performance broadband over hybrid Fiber-Copper networks, with solutions for enterprise connectivity to the Cloud, residential IPTV, Mobile backhaul and IOT infrastructure. Utilizing its advanced technology, Actelis helps service providers turns their existing infrastructure into a strategic asset optimized for cost, time to market, reliability and security.


Michal Winkler- Solomon
VP Product Marketing

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