Introducing ML630R:
Actelis’ Layer Three Advanced Switch for High Bandwidth Ethernet over Bonded Copper

Mar. 2021, Fremont CA - Actelis Networks, the market leader in cyber-hardened, hybrid fiber-copper networking solutions for wide-area IoT applications, announced general availability of its cost-effective ML630R, a layer three switch delivering Ethernet over bonded copper. The ML630R joins Actelis’ current hybrid portfolio of Fiber and bonded copper product lines offering Actelis customers across the board – Telco, utility, cities, government, military, and rail – to easily expand and extend their networks.  The switch enables instant high bandwidth to all locations, including those that are hard-to-reach by fiber, using the existing copper network.

The ML630R joins Actelis’ Layer-two product portfolio, providing Layer-three based connectivity to remote locations over two or four bonded copper pairs delivering up to 60Mbps with four pairs. In addition, the switch features four electrical RJ45 ports which can be connected to customer locations and other equipment. The ML630R provides layer-two VLAN support together with advanced layer-three functionality, including static routing, RIP dynamic routing, OSPF, BGP, NAT and VRRP.

As cyber-security is a major concern across all verticals, the ML630R supports advanced protocols on the product’s multiple layers to ensure the safety of the network and data transmitted. ML630R supports RADIUS, TACACS+, ACLs, and user authentication levels on the management level as well as fragmentation scrambling of information across the copper pairs, ensuring a high level of protection.

The ML630R can be managed using CLI, a GUI web interface, or via Actelis’ advanced MetaASSIST EMS (Element Management System) providing FCAPS functionality including alarm management, inventory management, configuration management featuring extensive support for scheduled tasks, advanced security functionality, and a Northbound interface allowing integration with higher NMS or OSS systems.

The ML630R can be deployed as a CPE in point-to-point configuration or in point-to-multipoint topologies where the central side can be one of Actelis’ ML600, ML230 or ML2300 aggregation devices.

A use case example is a project in which hundreds of airports covering 40 countries worldwide are currently in the process of deploying the ML630R together with Actelis’ ML6916EN aggregator. Providing reliable and secure connectivity, the ML630R has proved that Actelis’ hybrid fiber-copper portfolio can meet customer requirements irrespective of the customer infrastructure.