Network Automation and Actelis Networks Partner to Enhance DSL Service Delivery and Profitability

NeXa BBA Connect Doubles Broadband Reach Efficiently With DSL Amplification and  Automation

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Network Automation, the innovator in Automatic cross connects and Actelis Networks, the leader in high performance broadband over copper, announce a collaborative solution that enables operators to maximize DSL broadband capacity and reach, minimize CapEx and backhaul costs, and provide unprecedented remote management flexibility. The solution provides the most efficient way to upgrade and operate DSL networks that offer high speed broadband while maximizing profitability.

The NeXa BBA Connect solution integrates Actelis’ VDSL2 and ADSL Broadband Amplifier (BBA) cards with Network Automation’s NeXa Automatic cross-connect. NeXa BBA Connect gives network operators the ability to reach more customers with higher service levels more cost effectively, while remotely provisioning, monitoring and testing those services.

Actelis BBAs enhance any existing DSLAM’s (or new remote DSLAM’s) performance, effectively increasing the size of the DSL serving area, reducing backhaul and additional remote DSLAM deployment costs. Integrating the BBAs with the Nexa Connect enables superior remote monitoring, testing, and automated flow through service delivery and service assurance capabilities.

"Actelis is a leading provider of high performance, scalable broadband over copper solutions" said Ove Wedsjö, CEO for Network Automation. “Combining the flexibility of the NeXa Automatic cross connect with Actelis’ s Broadband Amplifiers enables service providers to completely automate the enhancement of broadband capacity and reach without dispatching a truck.”

With the Nexa BBA Connect, service providers can quickly and easily install a pedestal, housing the Network Automation’s NeXa Automatic cross connect and shelves of Actelis’ BBAs in accordance with the anticipated service area “take rate.” Network Operators can then remotely use the NeXa Automatic cross connect functionality, assign the BBA to any loop when needed, monitor and test cable pairs, DSLAM ports, and BBA ports, swap ports or cable pairs, and assess the performance of the VDSL or ADSL based service with or without the BBAs in customer loops.

“The Actelis BBAs provide a more cost effective and rapid way to upgrade DSL networks to offer reliable, high speed broadband to more residential customers ,” said David Dunphy, VP of Marketing for Actelis. “Integrating those BBAs with Network Automation in the Nexa BBA Connect enables operators to automate and streamline operations so they can also minimize TCO and maximize profitability.”

The NeXa BBA Connect fits into several popular models of industry standard Channel pedestals pre-packaged with stubs and equipment to enable rapid deployment. The solution is initially available in a Small 47”x12”x12” version for 150 pair cables and up to 40 BBAs, or a Large 48”x24”x16” version for 300 pair distribution cables and up to 100 BBA ports. The NeXa BBA Connect can be remotely powered over several dedicated power pairs, and the integrated VDSL and/or ADSL BBAs are all line powered. The DSL performance enhancement of the VDSL BBAs is compatible with vectoring and additive to its benefits, giving operators the option to enhance rate and distance using both.

Meeting universal broadband objectives at a fraction of the CapEx and TCO of adding additional remote DSLAMs, the NeXa BBA Connect solution makes meeting these objectives with DSL combined with ease of services deployment and management providing unparalleled network efficiencies and profitability.

The Actelis/Network Automation NeXa BBA Connect solution will be on display and discussed by representatives of both companies at the OSP conference in Baltimore, at the Network Automation booth 804

About Network Automation
Founded in 2002, Network Automation is the leading company in developing and marketing Automated Distribution Frames solutions (ADF).
Network Automation’s patented NeXa technology has been developed into a technically approved commercial product launched on the market in 2005. The NeXa ADF has been successfully tested and implemented by several operators throughout Europe and the Americas, both in Street Cabinet and Central Office solutions.

Network Automation will be a key partner to telecom operators by delivering equipment that significantly strengthen the financial metrics and improve the technical performance of any FTTC/FTTN based network.

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Phone (Americas): + 46 8 508 90779
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About Actelis
Actelis Networks, the leader in high performance broadband over copper, takes reliable broadband bandwidth and Ethernet services to more places more quickly and cost effectively than can be done with fiber. Actelis makes VDSL and ADSL Broadband Amplifiers that enhance the reach and rate of DSL services that are offered using any vendors’ DSLAM or DSL modems. Actelis’ EFM over Copper (“bonded copper”) Ethernet access devices and aggregation switches enable service operators’ to offer business Ethernet, small cell and WiFi backhaul, and DSLAM backhaul over copper, and provide reliable broadband backhaul for intelligent traffic systems, rail, utility, industrial and education customers.
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