Getting enough high performance bandwidth exactly where it is needed quickly and easily using the fewest possible copper twisted pairs, the ability to survive the most challenging environments, ease of installation, and the right features for supporting multiple devices and prioritizing their traffic appropriately are key advantages of the Actelis solution.

Actelis’ advanced hybrid fiber-copper solutions are the best choice for backhauling ITS traffic:

  • Ultra reliable, hardened platforms
  • Utilizes readily available copper or fiber when available
  • Extremely high mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Robust, hardened NEMA-3 equipment
  • Stable, reliable high performance links
  • Take more than enough bandwidth precisely where needed
  • Uses readily available copper reaching far more locations than fiber or wireless
  • High density platform supporting multiple Ethernet interfaces for traffic and environmental sensors, cameras, and WiFi - Up to 14 Ethernet interfaces per unit
  • Advanced Ethernet multi-CoS, VPNs, and OAM for remote ITS control and management
  • Enables prioritization of traffic using Layer 2 features where desired
  • Designed for installation in small vaults, on pole or strand mounted enclosures, on walls or the side of cabinets
  • Quicker and easier to deploy than fiber or wireless backhaul solutions
  • Provide more bandwidth per copper pair for efficient operation - up to 15Mbps with G.shdsl and up to 100 with VDSL
  • Designed for installation in challenging environments
  • Can be installed with no disruption of traffic
  • Quicker and lower in cost to install than trenching new fiber

Actelis is the industry and market leader in Ethernet over Copper:

  • Innovation in noise profiling, mitigation, and dynamic crosstalk cancellation
  • Ability to create stable, high speed, high performance links using copper
  • Flexible suite of Layer 2 technologies for flexible service creation and efficient OAM
  • Greatest bandwidth per pair in real world environments
  • Market-leading EFMplus™ transmission technologies get the greatest distance and bandwidth out of copper in real-world environments
  • Robust and reliable hardware and stable links for low maintenance 7x24 operation
  • Purpose-built ITS platforms providing options in DIN rail and fanless operation