Key benefits of the Actelis Residential Broadband Solution are:

Extending the reach and bandwidth of DSL services:

  • Enhances both ADSLx and VDSL2 services
  • Improves reach in excess of 50% and bandwidth improvement up to 300%
  • Reduces CapEx significantly compared to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) solutions
  • Expands the size of the DSLAM’s customer serving area

Leveraging existing DSLAMs, services, and technology:

  • Compatible with an installed base of any vendors’ DSLAM and DSL modem equipment
  • Coexists with POTS services
  • Adds to the performance gains of vectoring
  • Can be deployed prior to or after vectoring

Simplifying installation and operation:

  • Simple plug and play installation at any convenient splice point
  • Requires no changes to CO or CPE equipment
  • Line powered, with low power draw and no need for power supplies or the cost of a full regeneration
  • Future options in manageability and multi-slot housings

Robust and reliable solution:

  • Rugged, environmentally hardened and waterproof for extreme environments
  • Very high mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Best-in-class lightning and overvoltage protection

Bottom Line Impact:

  • Reduces CapEx and OpEx required to build out enhanced DSL services
  • Cuts site acquisition, cabinets and installs required
  • Reduces number of sites requiring backhaul
  • Enables use of more efficient DSLAMs
  • Improves port utilization
  • Reuses the installed base
  • Optimizes the business case for residential broadband