Although VDSL2 is rapidly emerging as a technology of choice for increasing bandwidth, it has an “Achilles heel” in terms of reach and upstream bandwidth. Pushing smaller DSLAMs closer to customers and using vectoring can solve the bandwidth problem.  But proliferating a large number of smaller, less efficient DSLAMs creates other challenges such as increasing the number of sites, cabinets, and backhaul links required.

Extending the distance and bandwidth capabilities of the existing installed base of any vendors’ DSLAM allows operators to use fewer, larger, and more efficient DSLAMs, increasing the “fill rate” of DSLAM ports while reducing the number of expensive backhaul links that are needed.

Actelis’ Residential Broadband Solution enables building more efficient VDSL2 and ADSL networks, and significantly enhances the business case for offering higher speed broadband and triple play services.