Broadband Rate and Reach Calculator

The Actelis Performance Calculator estimates the achievable bonded-copper link performance of an Actelis' ML G.shdsl or DMT-based solution per a specific network configuration as specified by the user. A sample screen shot of the calculator can be seen below. Before getting started, we suggest reviewing the INSTRUCTIONS below and downloading the PDF document titled “Broadband Rate and Reach Calculator.”


Step 1: Run the Application

Click the “Run Calculator” button below to run the application.

Step 2: General Setting

When the calculator main screen is displayed, select the main parameters included as part of the “General Setting”:

  • Product line: SHDSL or DMT
  • Region: North America/CALA, Europe or Asia Pacific
  • Loop length measurements units: km or Kft

Step 3: Equipment, Link Configuration and Calibration Setting

If SHDSL line was selected, the following should be specified:

  • The equipment at both ends of the link: CO side and CPE/RT side Repeaters, if included and how many
  • Spectral mode and Noise Margin (NM) required
  • DRB levels
  • High Temperature in the area
  • Loop Influence Gap

If DMT line was selected, the following should be specified:

  • Noise Margin (NM) required
  • Impulse Noise Protection Level (IMP)
  • DMT mode, VDSL Profile, US0 configuration
  • High Temperature in the area

** Please note when choosing NA3 spectral mode (T1.417 on a repeatered configurations, the calculator would provide the expected performance per T1.417 spectral limitations (implementing rDSS) ).

Note: A comment pane can be enabled from the “General Setting” area, allowing the user to enter free data associated with the specific link.

Step 4: Cable Plant Configuration

  • Up to 10 segments can be set per link section. Cable characteristics, including length, cable type, and coating, should be specified.

Note: The EWL pane can be enabled from the “General Setting” area to indicate the Effective Working Length in Kft (26AWG) or km .

Step 5: Calculate Throughput – Link Performance

  • Click "Calculate" to run the calculator.
  • The Actelis link performance will be presented as per the input parameters entered on the left-hand side.
  • Actelis G.shdsl link throughput will be presented for 1 to 8 bonded copper pairs when ML600 is selected as CPE or up to 32 pairs when ML230 is selected as CPE.
  • Actelis DMT solution performance will be presented for 1 to 8 bonded copper pairs.
  • Click "Generate Report" to print the link configuration (all entered information) including calculated throughput to a PDF file.