Telekom Slovenije Selects Actelis Networks for National High-Speed Broadband Roll Out, Deploys New ML698 Platform

Telekom Slovenije Selects Actelis Networks for National High-Speed Broadband Roll Out, Deploys New ML698 Platform

PARIS, September 8, 2009 - Actelis Networks®, the leading global supplier of Ethernet over copper solutions, today announced at Broadband World Forum Europe (Stand 122) that Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia’s leading telecommunications carrier, has selected Actelis’ Ethernet over copper solutions to deliver enhanced broadband voice and data services across the eastern European country.

Telekom Slovenije is deploying Actelis’ ML130 and ML2300 next-generation Ethernet aggregation platforms, along with the company’s award-winning ML600 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs). As part of the deployment, Telekom Slovenije is also deploying Actelis’ newly released ML698 EAD, giving the carrier a highly flexible Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) solution capable of scaling from low density central offices and remote terminals serving rural communities to more densely populated metropolitan areas.

“As the industry’s most trusted name in EFM over copper solutions, Actelis’ superior performance of its ML600 product line played a major factor in Telekom Slovenije’s selection,” said Željko Puljič, MSc, CTO, of Telekom Slovenije. “We have been actively seeking established partners, and Actelis met our needs for robust and flexible Ethernet access solutions that we could deploy now for Telekom Slovenije’s national broadband roll out and then expand with us as we grow.”

Actelis’ newly released ML698 EAD, coupled with its scalability, were important factors for Telekom Slovenije during the tender process.

“We needed a compact eight-pair solution that would let us aggregate lower port count customers in our lower density regions, yet have the scalability to meet the needs of customers in heavily populated city centers,” noted Puljič. “We are installing the ML698 in central offices and remote terminals across the country, where it operates as a micro DSLAM.”

Standards-compliant and environmentally hardened, the ML698 expands Actelis’ central office and remote terminal solutions, offering a compact and cost-effective EFM mini-aggregation solution for low pair count locations. The ML698 operates in a point-to-multipoint topology, connecting to up four ML600 EADs. Any of Actelis’ ML600 EADs can be connected to the ML698 via a high-speed link (HSL) comprising one to eight bonded-copper pairs. Any combination of copper pairs per HSL can be supported to a total of eight pairs per ML698 unit.

By delivering exceptional symmetric speeds of up to 15 Mbps per copper pair, Actelis has been instrumental in working with carriers across Europe to persuade telecommunication regulators to relax the speed limits over public copper infrastructure for those technologies that can assure spectral compatibility.

“One significant differentiator, and a key factor in Telekom Slovenije’s selection, is that Actelis’ EFMplus™ technology enables these higher data rates without impacting other services sharing the same copper infrastructure,” said Puljič. “Actelis’ EFMplus technology is helping Telekom Slovenije to build a world-class broadband infrastructure across the entire country.”

Actelis remains very active across Europe, helping countries and incumbent carriers alike exploit their existing copper network infrastructures to get broadband services up and running quickly without the expense or delay of trenching new fiber-optic lines, according Joe Manuele, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Actelis.

“We continue to have tremendous success and traction across Europe,” said Manuele, who pointed out that the EMEA marketplace is as robust as the U.S. “Major service providers across the continent are selecting Actelis in large part because of our ongoing commitment to fiber-like rate, reach, and reliability, or what we call ‘The 3 R’s of EFM,’ all critical requirements for delivering carrier-class Ethernet services capable of meeting high-grade service level agreements.”
About Telekom Slovenije, d. d.
The Telekom Slovenia Group is one of the leading telecommunication groups in SEE region, with almost two million users of mobile services and 700,000 of residential and commercial users of fixed telephony, VOIP, IP TV and Internet services in the region. The Group’s key areas of activity are voice, data, Internet and multimedia services. Telekom Slovenije, d. d. is Slovenia`s leading and most advanced carrier, serving half of all broadband data and voice subscribers. The company has been actively deploying next-generation services, including VoIP and IPTV, across the country. For more information, contact Telekom Slovenije or visit their Web site

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