Ethernet Access Devices: Remote Line Powering

Actelis Networks’ ML600 enclosure solutions offer service providers and enterprises a compact, self-contained, NEMA3-hardened enclosure for outdoor/indoor installation applications.

The NEMA3 enclosures offer flexible powering and installation options to meet most requirements. It is ideal for locations where there is no cabinet/RT space available requiring either Pole/Wall Mounted or Strand Mounted solutions.

The ML600 Enclosures support redundant line powering from a central office or data center via dedicated express pairs and Local -48VDC or Power over Ethernet (PoE) powering options.

Utilizing this hardened enclosure, service providers can install Actelis' ML600 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs), enabling advanced Ethernet service or Ethernet-based backhauling to any location. This solution supports various applications such as Ethernet service distribution, WiFi backhauling and DSLAM backhauling, as well as surveillance applications for schools, universities and other campuses, and even traffic control.