Metro Ethernet Services
Increased reliance on IP-based, bandwidth-dependant applications such as cloud computing, video conferencing and file sharing has created an insatiable appetite for bandwidth among small and large businesses. Legacy solutions (e.g.T1/E1 circuits) are no longer sufficient to deliver the necessary bandwidth, and the return on investment (ROI) on laying new fiber does not justify greenfield fiber buildouts. The good news is that there is an approach that cost effectively meets the demand for the additional bandwidth—Actelis’ field-proven and industry-leading Carrier Ethernet over Copper™ solutions, which can easily meet the demand for advanced broadband services by simply and economically leveraging the existing copper plant in the network.

      Some of the most commonly used applications to deliver high-bandwidth Internet connectivity include:


With Actelis' Carrier Ethernet over Copper solutions, service providers can now cost-effectively deliver scalable, high-quality Ethernet services to their customers using the existing copper infrastructure. Actelis Networks ML series of Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) can deliver up to 100 Mbps of Ethernet services over existing copper pairs. Lab and field-proven, they cost-effectively deliver more high-quality bandwidth to more customers than any other high-bandwidth solution over copper. By using the existing copper to deliver high-bandwidth services, service providers can eliminate the costs associated with trenching fiber for broadband services, along with providing highly reliable broadband services that wireless solutions do not offer. And since the ML EADs provide high-quality bandwidth, they are ideal to support a wide range of voice, video and data applications.