Actelis’ Ethernet access devices and aggregation systems already deliver the best performing and most reliable Ethernet services over bonded-copper links. Now Actelis is “Reaching New Heights” with our latest Ethernet solutions breakthrough. Actelis’ patented Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) and enhanced Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS) capabilities provide carriers and enterprises with the greatest Rate, Reach and ROI by delivering superior broadband capacity and network efficiency where they need it most—in the access network. These significant advances enable network operators to easily and economically expand their bandwidth offering to extend service coverage further into their customer serving areas. In addition to delivering extremely high bandwidth with fiber-quality reliability, these innovations, including the cost effectiveness of our Ethernet solutions, make it unnecessary for service providers to ever deploy another E1 or T1 line.

What is DRB?
Actelis’ DRB technology further optimizes transmission over multiple copper pairs, delivering 2x rate/reach compared to competing EFM solutions available today. The combination of Actelis’ DRB technology, with symmetrical higher rates of up to 15Mpbs per copper pair, provides significant performance advantages, enhanced reliability and substantial reduction of CAPEX and OPEX.

What is DSS?
With our enhanced DSS capabilities, Actelis’ standards-based and spectrally compliant XR239 EFM Repeaters can support up to 15Mbps per copper pair and more than 100Mbps using 8-pair bonded links. Actelis’ DSS technology ensures that our XR239 EFM Repeaters are compliant with industry standards, including the ANSI T1.417-2003 standard for Spectrum Management for Loop Transmission Systems by Telcordia, as well as regional spectral requirements. Actelis’ DSS technology virtually eliminates the impact on ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL2 without sacrificing performance of either service. This means that Actelis’ XR239 EFM Repeaters, now in their fifth generation, can be deployed to provide higher symmetrical throughput and reach customers at longer distances throughout the access network. This will enable service providers to deploy repeaters further into their customer serving area for delivery of advanced broadband services or backhauling voice and data traffic from DSLAMs and mobile base stations.

The combination of DRB and DSS allows our customers to:

  • Extended service coverage without the need for repeaters
  • Provide higher bandwidth over the same pairs
  • Enhance performance by using fewer pairs to deliver the same services (bandwidth)
  • Increase “Spectral friendliness,” which significantly reduces interference to other services in the binder and ensures spectral compliance
  • Dramatically lower OPEX and CAPEX

Driving the EFM over Copper Market with Innovative Leadership