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Broadband Amplification

Actelis’ Broadband Amplifiers (BBAs) are digitally controlled analog amplifiers that provide a simple, low cost way to significantly enhance the distance and bandwidth possible with DSL services offered over 1 pair for residential broadband.  They can also be used to enhance the performance of 2, 4, or 8 pairs of bonded EFM over Copper (“bonded copper”) links used to offer business Ethernet services or small cell or Wifi backhaul.   Providing a solution for extending the reach and rate of both VDSL2 and ADSLx services, the broadband amplifiers are simple to install and operate, and are completely compatible with other services on the line.

Actelis BBA’s featureBBA slide _extending reach

  • Line powering
  • Plug ‘n play simplicity
  • Lower power draw
  • Flexible placement
  • Compatibility with any vendor’s DSLAM and DSL modem
  • Compatibility with POTS and ISDN services on the same pair
  • Performance gains additive to vectoring

The BBAs increase the distance and rate of DSL services, increasing the effective size of a DSLAM’s digital serving area. This enables operators to

  • Reduce the number of smaller DSLAMs that must be placed very close to customers
  • Use larger and more cost effective DSLAMs
  • Reduce site acquisition and installation costs
  • Cut down on the number of expensive fiber backhaul links required
  • Increase the performance of DSL
  • Allow larger and more efficient DSLAMs to be placed further away.

The result:

  • Higher service levels to existing customers
  • Reaching many more customers with high speed broadband and triple play services
  • Greatly reduced CapEx investment, lower OpEx, and minimized TCO

BBAs can coexist with other services on a pair, such as POTS (telephony) and ISDN, and when used with VDSL are also compatible with vectoring and additive to its performance gains.