Actelis Transforms VDSL2: Small Cell, WiFi Backhaul, Business Ethernet

Enables Service Operators To Solve Many Mobile Data Backhaul Requirements and Offer Standards-based MEF 2.0 Carrier Ethernet and Cloud Services to SMBs More Profitably

Prague-Carrier Ethernet World 2013: Actelis Networks unveils its VDSL Broadband Amplifier (VBA), an innovative solution for bringing more bandwidth out for WiFi and Small Cell Backhaul and offering Carrier Ethernet services to small and medium businesses (SMBs) more quickly and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to grow more profitable revenues.

The VBA significantly further enhances the performance of Ethernet over Copper, effectively doubling the amount of bandwidth and distance. EFM over Copper solutions such as Actelis’ ML series break down high speed broadband data streams to be sent over multiple pairs at lower speeds, then reassembles the separate streams into a high speed link at the far end. As a result, service operators can offer more high speed bandwidth more reliably and over greater distances using copper than could be done with VDSL2 alone. Actelis’ Ethernet over Copper offers more bandwidth over fewer pairs than competing solutions thanks to superior EFMplus™ transmission and dynamic crosstalk cancellation technologies.

Using the Actelis VBA in conjunction with EFM over Copper significantly further enhances the performance to enable service providers to roll out standards-based MEF 2.0 Carrier Ethernet backhaul with twice the bandwidth of VDSL2-based EFM over Copper to many more WiFi hotspots and small cell base stations… more cost effectively and quickly than can be done with fiber.

By leveraging the existing copper plant, the VBA performs well even with older copper, and can be used to enhance mobile data and roll out Carrier Ethernet services to SMBs more quickly and cost effectively than could ever be done with fiber, and without any of the operational complexities associated with microwave and other wireless solutions.

SMBs are increasingly demanding N x 10 Mbps Carrier Ethernet services as they leverage access to the Cloud to level the competitive playing field by giving them access to the kind of IT expertise, resources, and economies of scale once available only to the largest of companies. Both business and residential mobile customers today are demanding high speed mobile data services wherever they go.

“Actelis turns the existing cable plant into a strategic asset,” said Tuvia Barlev, Executive Chairman and CEO of Actelis. “We’re enabling service operators to take more bandwidth to more places more cost effectively than ever before so that they can reach more customers, grow revenue streams, and offer profitable new services.”

In a related announcement today, the Actelis VBA will significantly enhance VDSL2 for residential broadband triple play services and to help operators meet the EU’s aggressive objectives for broadband services.

Join us at Carrier Ethernet World in Prague as Actelis Networks presents ‘Leveraging Copper to Optimize Ethernet Service Delivery to Diverse Locations’ on Wednesday, October 2nd at 12:50 pm. For more information or to set-up a meeting please stop by our booth or plan to visit us at the OSP Expo at the Dallas Convention Center in Texas, October 8 -10th.

Actelis Networks is the leader in high performance broadband over copper solutions to telecom service providers, municipalities, utility and industrial customers. We offer high-speed Carrier Ethernet and triple play services to more business locations and residential customers more quickly and cost effectively than fiber or microwave.


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