Actelis Networks introduces UF-BBA-C:
The Service You Wanted with Actelis New Line Equalizer UF-BBA-C.

Dec 2020, Fremont CA - Actelis Networks, is the market leader in high performance broadband over hybrid Fiber-Copper networks, introduces its latest addition to its well-known Broadband Amplifier (BBA) series. The new UF-BBA-C, utilizing Actelis’ advanced technology, helps carriers and service providers offer the high bandwidth services they are looking to offer their customers while significantly simplifying, and minimizing cost and time to service.

The use of the higher-frequencies by ultra-fast copper technologies, such as VDSL 35B/super vectoring and significantly increases the sensitivity to common in-house impairments such as bad wiring and un-terminated lines (bridge-taps) that may cause a significant drop in performance. Correcting these impairments is extremely costly and lengthy operation for the carriers as it requires assigning and sending a technician to each of these customer homes as well as setting up an appointment with the customer at their convenient time.

Actelis UF-BBA-C simplifies this process, reduces labor costs, to accelerate service delivery and improve customer satisfaction. The UF-BBA-C is an extremely small device - 90/70/28 mm 3.5/2.7/1.1 inches. UF-BBA-C can be self-installed by the customer in minutes next to their existing home modem or gateway. Using the UF-BBA-C can successfully mitigate significant drop in performance due to these commonly found in-home bad wiring or bridge taps.

Actelis UF-BBA-C models support VDSL2 35B – SBA-C and VDSL2 17a- VBA-C. To Learn more and see examples on how SBA-C successfully overcome bad in-house wiring to significantly increase data rates click here

Actelis Networks Broadband Amplifiers (BBA) are field proven, high-performance solutions that enable service providers and enterprises to extend and expand the delivery of high-bandwidth, high-quality Carrier Ethernet services over DSL (VDSL2, ADSL/2/2+). In fact, Actelis BBA products have demonstrated overall rate gain downstream improvements of greater than 100% over non-amplified lines.

Actelis Broadband Amplifiers can be used to extend residential broadband, business Ethernet services as well as Ethernet transport services for Mobile/WiFi/DSLAM backhaul. The Actelis BBA can work with any vendor’s DSLAM connected to an Actelis’ ML700 EAD for high-speed link or to any other CPE/NTU. The BBAs are remotely powered from POTS, sealing current or using express powering (model specific). Express Powering can be used to power more than one line.

Actelis family of Broadband Amplifiers and Equalizers includes:

The SBA-X – Optimized for VDSL2/35B based services.

The VBA-X – Optimized for VDSL2/17A based services.

The ABA-X – Optimized for ADSL2+/ADSL2/ADSL based services