Self-installed at customer location within minutes

The use of the higher-frequencies by ultra-fast copper technologies, such as VDSL 35B/super vectoring and significantly increases the sensitivity to common in-house impairments such as bad wiring and un-terminated lines (bridge-taps) that may cause a significant drop in performance. Correcting these impairments is extremely costly and lengthy operation for the carriers as it requires assigning and sending a technician to each of these customer homes as well as setting up an appointment with the customer at their convenient time.

Actelis UF-BBA-C simplifies this process, reduces labor costs , to accelerate service delivery and improve customer satisfaction. The UF-BBA-C  is an extremely small device - 90/70/28 mm 3.5/2.7/1.1 inches. UF-BBA-C can be self-installed by the customer in minutes next to their existing home modem or gateway. Using the UF-BBA-C, e.g. SBA-C, can successfully mitigate significant drop in performance due to these commonly found in-home bad wiring or bridge taps.

The graphs below provide examples of how SBA-C successfully overcome bad in-house wiring to significantly increase data rates.

In home impairment graphs

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