• Flexible and Cost Effective  for space constrain and low density  - Extremely compact hardened Point-to-Multipoint aggregation, Up to 32 pairs per 1U (2 x ML6916Ex in a sleeve), Serves up to 4 sites; Stacking to support higher density.
  • Higher throughput, wider coverage and higher reliability - with Actelis’ unique EFMplus suite of technologies including symmetrical vectoring enabling more revenues with lower CapEx and OpEx
  • Flexible and Scalable - Any pair to any link, any number of pairs per HSL, 7 Ethernet interfaces including up to 2 SFPs, Bandwidth up to 230 Mbps per link
  • Advanced Carrier Ethernet capabilities, MEF CE 2.0 compliant services, Carrier-class OAM including CFM (802.1ag) and Y.1731 (ITU)
  • Standards compliant EFM 802.3ah-2BASE-TL platform
  • SyncE  and stratum3 internal clock for frequency clock domain distribution over Ethernet and HSL (only ML690ES models).
  • Ease of installation and deployment - advanced service and copper trouble shooting tools
  • Binder Friendly - Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS) for minimizing spectral impact
  • Full Management suite, including MetaASSIST EMS, easy to use MetaASSIST View GUI